Update: Thursday 3rd of July @ 7am

Racer update about:
Update: Thursday 3rd of July @ 7am Matthew Lee is the 2008 Tour Divide winner, but we are still waiting on his finishing time. The rest are moving well through wind, mud, lightning and hail with Mary Collier and Stephen Gleasner still to come over Indiana Pass, the last big climb in Colorado. Leighton White and Adrian Stingaciu have caught Domenik Scherer and Alan Goldsmith, but it is uncertain whether they are all riding together after Dominik split his rear rim. Dominik has had offers of help from Albuquerque and Tuscon, but he is raring to get it finished. Racers seem to get a lift riding into New Mexico, the final state, a quater left with no more major climbs. You can be sure that they are counting off the rest of the climbing feet to go, most only now realising that they may finish this thing after all. by Alex Field
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Ardie Olson is doing fantastic!!!!!!!!! Keep it moving, Ardie. You will soon be there. The Crackers

WHAT? Stephen??

OK, don't tell me you are gonna get beat by a GIRL, are you Stephen??? HAHAHA!! Keep up them legs pumpin' and get that ride over with!!

PS: Anyone who knows me knows that I am not politically correct in the general sense. I do not mean any offense to anyone with my comments, I am just being humorous. Oh, and that math question to verify us as humans is just mean. heehee...

girls + math = faster than you

maybe rusty math skills & political incorrectness are two peas in the same pod? ;-)

I for one would love to see Steve & Andy catch Mary- then bring it on home to Antelope Wells!

btw: 2 + 1 = 3


Whoo Hoooo!

Matt, you are amazing! Hats off to you once again. Hope you've been able to get a good meal and rest those legs. Can't wait to hear all.

We Love you!

Ben and Rachel

Looks like Matt is already

Looks like Matt is already back east. Hope he has a full belly and soft bed.


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