Alan called in from Deming

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Hi this is Alan, it's 2.49 on Saturday morning, I think, I'm in a hotel in Demming. We finished at just gone 11 this evening. 11.04 I think. That was me, John Fettis and Canon, we crossed the line together. And we got a lift out with Erik and his Mum. So. It's over. Another year. Last year wasn't a fluke. A BIG thanks to Matt Lee for getting it off the ground and having the vision and the perseverence to follow it through. And congratulations to him for his winning ride. Only a few hours off his own record I guess. Without the mud I'd imagine he would've beaten it easily. Well done to Kurt and Chris, amazing effort on a singlespeed. Jay and Tracey, well done! And I guess today we had 8 finishers in one day, so that's probably the most ever. And I'm going to bed now. Just before that, I'm going to have my first shower in New Mexico. Bye


Open Letter to All Tour Divide Racers from Butte,MT

Glad to see you made the journey well. Quite a time in Montana with the weather but you prevailed. Enjoyed your short visit at the Outdoorsman in Butte, and we all have been following everyone's progress since you passed through. Amazing accomplishment, and one few on Earth will ever have the opportunity to experience. The Tour de France does not compare with what all of the racers endured along the way on the TDR. Bears, snakes, mosquitos, hail, wind, pelting rain, lightning, that ever present mud, and everything else that could bite you or stick you are not found along the TdF route. Plus you go totally without support, big fancy buses, chefs, mechanics, or masseuses.

Again, congratulations and you have our respect for being what we consider an elite cyclist!

If ever our way in the future. Stop by to visit! Safe journey home.

Cheers- The staff at the Outdoorsman in Butte, MT

Rob Leipheimer, JoAnne Nordhagen, and Rick Smith

Well done Alan!

Well done Alan!

AWESOMELY Awesomeness!!

Well done you!!!!!
Fantastic ride, and sounds like you hooked up with lots of really nice guys to ride with again.

Jess has been listening to the call-in's with me and thinks they are all you!!
Even the American and Canadian accents!!

Have a good few days before you get back, and don't bring any of that rubbish rain you had back with you!! We've been having a 'proper' summer (people complaining about it being too hot)!
See you soon!
Well done ALL of you again!

Sarah, Jess and Floyd

Top ride Alan

Well done mate - been watching you all the way and how tough has it been this year? My 07 race was a holiday compared to the conditions you had. Glad to see there was a bit of a race for the last few days and that you got Pie at Pietown.

Enjoy the recovery and see you in the lakes soon

Three more days

So, from 24 days last year to 21 days (in awful conditions) this year... By my calculations that means 18 days next year. Matthew - you better get training.


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