Alan called in from Separ!

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Hi this is Alan, it's 5pm on Friday the 3rd, I'm in Separ just by the Interstate, only a few miles of dirt and then it's straight south on tarmac to the border, so maybe there by midnight. Really gutted to hear that Eric pulled out back in Pietown. I guess it would have been a tough place to extracate yourself from with food poisining and dehydration. Tough stretch through there to Mimbres. I managed to do it with food and water to spare this year after last years trip off route. So, looking like Leighton and Blaine probably finished by now. At the bike shop in Silver City it looked neck and neck going south of Hachita. I think Leighton must've ridden all night. We had a nice evening at the Black Canyon Campground in the Gila, really nice place. Lovely smell of juniper. And then a quick cruise into Mimbres for breakfast, then over to Silver City for lunch, a new rear tyre, and it should be plain sailing to the border, touch wood! So, talk to you later, bye!!




Well done to you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah and Jess, and Floyd

whats next?

well done all,

having done this twice now looks like you will have to do iditabike for some variety :-).


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