Alan calls in from near Cuba

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Hi, this is Alan. It's Tuesday 30th, 25 past 5. I'm in, well, I don't know where I'm in. A gas station 25miles south of Cuba. This morning I came over from 10 or so miles outside of Abiquiu where I camped the night with Leighton up in the hills. That's my favourite stretch so I wanted to camp up there. Most of the other guys stayed at the Inn in Abiquiu. I took a leisurely lunch at Brunos in Cuba. I'm thinking of writing a 'good food guide to the Tour Divide, and that'll be in it! So, today was really good, nice and dry trails.across the stretch from Abiquiu to Cuba. Didn't see a soul until about 10 miles short of the highway there started to be lots of hippies. It's the Rainbow Gathering and there were about 5 miles of hippies getting their soul (?feed?). Bit of a difference from yesterday. Yesterday was very muddy, very tough. Sylvia at Canyon Plaza saved us with the Snack Shack. And then more mud to El Rito. We had a bike wash at the Forest Service there and then plain sailing down to Abiquiu, where we ate well at the Inn. It's going well, feeling good. All major hills gone. So. Maybe three days left? If we're lucky. Anyway. Going well. Talk to you soon. Bye!


I'd buy the book Alan!

I'd buy the book Alan! Sounds like you are eating your way to the finish line!! Keep on riding and I'll see ya in a day or two!

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