Alan Goldsmith calls from Flag Ranch

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Hi, it's Alan, it's 10 o'clock on Saturday morning, I'm in Flag Ranch in the Tetons. Just had breakfast with Canon, Blaine, John, Josh and Steve, who caught up just coming over the hill there. Last night we were planning on staying at Squirrel Creek Lodge, but there was a wedding there, so we couldn't. So we bivvied in the woods with the mosquitoes! They said the road was impassable but it was wrong. No snow at all, not like last year! So, going well. Three of the boys are in the toilet having a shave. Going to head through the Tetons, get some 5c cowboy coffee at Buffalo Valley, go up and have more food at Togwotee. So, life's good. Hopefully bottom of Union Pass tonight. OK, feeling good and talk to you tomorrow!


Nice one Alan. Keep it up

Nice one Alan. Keep it up mate. :)

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