Brad calls in from the finish!

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Great job Brad! I enjoyed SPOT stocking you wondering if Deanna was with you or not. I think you accomplished a great thing!


Sweet Brad! Awesome! I am so

Sweet Brad! Awesome! I am so glad you and Deanna met up again and finished together. I can't wait to see the finsih line pics! YOu guys rock!

Sweet Brad! Awesome! I am so

Sweet Brad! Awesome! I am so glad you and Deanna met up again and finished together. I can't wait to see the finsih line pics! YOu guys rock!

Congratulations, and thank you!

Dear Brad:
Congratulations on a great finish! I am so thankful that Deanna and you were able to ride together in the Tour Divide!! The finish was great! It was so wonderful to see you and Deanna race and finish at the same time! My husband and my daughters had fun with yelling, air horn blowing, video taping, photos, snacks and visiting with you and your Mom.
I am so grateful that both of the Arizona racers could race together and finish together!
Thank you!
Debbie and Mark Adams and Family

Well Done!

Congratulation on the finish Brad, really good job!

You just doubled the finishing rate of our dorm! hopefully Micheal can make it a respectable 3 out of 7




Awesome finish man. I'm so glad that you hung around Deanna and were able to finish together. That was one long race and I'm sure you can't wait to get home. Enjoy your memories.


Now you deserve a break and enjoy it

Dear Brad,

You did it! Awesome!! Congratulations to this achievement!! You as a climber mastered the Tour Divide brilliantly. It seems a little bit of slave driving did you good - you finished two days earlier than planned :-). I am glad and it was fun to have met you in Calagary and on the tour - high five! I wished I could have biked with you and Deanna a bit longer. By the way - the hotel from Banff called. They wonder where they may mail your old, rotten shoes, old T-shirts and old pants to - you forgot them there :-)?!?

All the best and congratulations from Austria,



Congratulations! It was so much fun watching you progress through the race. Bob and I checked on your progress multiple times throughout the day. We are hoping to get the full scoop at Thursday martini night, if you're up to it! Cudos to you!




You have had an increasing following by your co-workers and friends during the last month. ("Did you hear that Brad is at Steamboat Springs, Grants, Pie Town, etc.") When you didn't have your SPOT recorder on, we'd check out Deanna's SPOT recorder, and surmise that you'd likely be nearby.

We have been holding you in our hearts as you progressed, and we are all very proud to know you. You are inspiring. Great job. Aho!


Congratulations Brad! I bet

Congratulations Brad! I bet you feel very accomplished. Can't wait to see you and hear all the gory details.


First, you obviously rock. I can't imagine what tenacity it takes to finish this race. I get pissed off just walking through mud, don't know what I'd do if I had to ride through miles of it. Probably swear and cry and then do something more disasterously impulsive. Second, I'm curious as hell to hear it straight from you next Wednesday. You're an inspiration to all of us who ride a bike. Be well brother. I'm lifting a Sam Adams in your honor right now.

be well brother,

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