Per calls in from Silver City, he’s out!

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Hi Per,

I was sure you were still with Paul and Trevor when your SPOT stopped in the desert yesterday. I am gutted for you that you crashed out so close to the end. Can't you get back on your bike tomorrow and head out to Antelope Wells again?? I assume the Ambulance took you BACK to Silver City so you could still complete once you have rested up and made sure that you are O.K. You can still get a sub 30 day time.

Best wishes.



We're so sorry that you didn't make it to the finish - we've been watching you along with Paul and Trevor, and willing you all on. However what you've done is an incredible achievement, so many congratulations and thanks for riding with Paul and helping him along. It made us much more relaxed to know he wasn't alone. Have a safe journey home, and good luck with any more adventures.
Janet and David Grimshaw

I don't use this word very

I don't use this word very often but that was a real Bummer that you fell so near the end. I'm glad you are feeling okay now.
But a very big thanks from me for keeping Paul company and I expect keeping his spirits up during the race along with Trevor and Stephen. In our eyes, and everyone I've spoken to, you did finish along with the others so big congratulations from everyone here as well - you sure had got the trickiest part of the route out of the way before you decided to take your spectactular tumble. Also If you hadn't had that flight to aim for I think Paul could still be somewhere in the middle of Colorado so thanks for keeping him on the move as well.
love catherine


Rough ride, bad break for helmet, head's still on. You rode so long and so hard that you wore out your poor bicycle, all bent out of shape? We're all terribly disappointed you got thrown when a hole jumped up at you. We're very glad you lived to tell. Damn sand, just when you were totally out of the woods and on the homestretch. You have New Mexico grit in your soul now -- good for character but it hurts!!! Your ride sure looked great all the way to the wipeout, watching the screen from here in the easy chair -- hope you can shake it off soonest and will be ready for a next cross-country backcountry bonding with trail buddies.

Jamie's Aunt Candy
Los Alamos, NM

Im ok

Just to let everyone know that i am ok, slightly sore head but otherwise fine!

In Phoenix now catching my flight home and despite the unfortunate end i had a fantastic race! It has truly been a pleasure riding with the guys i have and meeting everyone else. People along the course have also been fantastic with their support and their willingness to help in any way they could.

Finally a huge thank you to Matthew for pulling this all together, it has been fantastic!


Well Done Per

Congratulations Per. In my book you made it - just a bit of flat dirt and pavement to go.

Best Regards, hope you are ok.


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