Cricket calls from Hartsel to say she’s out

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You had a great race and kept at it right to the end. I'm sorry you had to end it before the finish, and believe me, I know how hard it is to give it up. Get some rest and get back to your family as soon as you can.


Wishing you the best

My husband and I have been following his good friend Eric B and have really enjoyed watching you so sorry your are leaving but WOW what a race you have had we wish you only the best.
Kathy & Jim

Congrats from Your Friends at the Outdoorsman in Butte, MT

You are amazing, Cricket, and should be proud of what you have accomplished. You have endured so much along the trail. No words will ever express the true toughness of your spirit, but your actions and reactions to nature's adversity speak volumes.

The entire staff at the Outdoorsman has followed your every move and have listened to every posting since you left our neck of the woods. We all wanted assurance you were safe and having a good time.

Best wishes for a safe trip home and know you are always welcome through our door.

It was a great ride. Epic to say the least. And, there are only your fellow Divide riders who truly get how tough the trail can be. You are in an elite class in the cycling community. We get that!

Cheers- Rick Smith, Rob Leipheimer, JoAnne Nordhagen
Outdoorsman, Butte, MT

Great race

Well done Cricket for getting so so far. I thought Paul and the gang would catch you right after Lima but you just kept on putting in the hours and keeping ahead of them. I'm really sorry that you aren't feeling up to continuing but you should be so proud of what you've done - you've given me and all Paul's other fans over here in England so much enjoyment through all your blogs and we've watched your spot every day. I can't believe you were sitting in the dark with that grizzly!

Enjoy a well-deserved rest and hope you feel better soon. Maybe we'll see you next year.

love Catherine (Paul's wife)

The trail will wait a year

Hey Cricket... the trail will be there next year..and the eyar after... (and, so will I)
Second Wind

you did great

Cricket, I really enjoyed listening to your call-ins and following your progress! I loved the bear story and told it to my friends. It's such an incredible accomplishment to bike along the trail with all of these awful weather conditions. Thanks for your inspiring woman power!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Great work Cricket!

Congrats on your achievement. I'm so proud of you!

I've been following you from my hospital bed in Hong Kong. Look forward to speaking to you to hear about all the stories.

Best, Romano

Sorry we couldn't catch you

Hi Cricket,

Just wanted to say sorry we couldn't quite catch you up. We tried and even stayed in the same motel in steamboat but not quite enough! Hope you are recovering nicely


We were too slow

Hello Cricket,

Hope you're home and back on top form now. I can scarcely recall the number of times we thought we would finally catch up with you (or even had caught you) but you were just too fast for us. The daily game of 'spot Cricket's tyre marks' - and pretending we were trackers, ascertaining (or guessing) how old they were - certainly helped pass a good number of hours.

All the best,


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