Deanna Adams calls in from Butte

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Seester, what's the deal with never updating your spot and calling in 2 times in a freakin week?? We want to hear the stories!!! I check this thing like 20 times a day hoping there is some update. I'm sad about the seizure but I'm glad you are feeling strong, that is the most important part. I think it's crazy you haven't got a front break yet...but are crazy.

Keep on riding! I'm glad you have a fellow arizonian friend.


Keep it up!

WOW! You are one tough person. My hats off to you Deanna.
I wish you luck. :-)


hangin in theree

Glad to (finally) hear from you, and glad you are fine.
Have a great ride! BTW, what gear ARE you running?

steve (guy with the SAG truck from DV camp...and 508)

Happy Ratio

Keep your Happy Ratio rolling.

Jamie's Aunt Candy



I'm happy that your happy with your ratio!


So happy that you are having a good time in the rain. Keep it up.

Thinking good thoughts about you.

Go Arizona Duet!!!

Tell Brad Ken says hi from Flagstaff. Keep your spirits up and hang in there; Arizona is proud of you both.

Love you, Deanna!!

Dear Deanna:
Mom and Dad and your family is so happy that you called in. We were sad that you had a seizure.
We are so glad that you are doing ok! We are so happy that your knees "are happy!"
Please call in more and push your spot button more!
Dad was so glad to hear your voice on the message. It made "Father's Day special!"
Miss you lots!
We are all so proud of you, Deanna!!!
You are such an inspiration to us and the "World!"
Mom and Dad and Sisters and your brother-in-law and
your niece and nephew!
P.S. Tell Brad and Rick thank you!

Go Deanna !!!

Hey Deanna. I love hearing your messages. You are doing so awesome! You are going a bit too fast so slow down and watch out for those rocks, ok? Seriously !!! More than 1/2 dozen racers have dropped out in the last day alone. Slow down & stay in the moment. Stay warm and dry. Wait out the rain if you have to. Your finish depends on you staying in the race. You are a rock star! I hope you see this message and you get your SPOT tracking to work soon, give me a call and I'll help you work out the details. But since you are so submersed in this race that you are not checking your e-mails or cell phone messages, you probably won't see this either until you get home in a few weeks, so I will have to try out my telepathic super-powers instead. Play this in your head, or your i-pod if you have it ... "slow ride, take it easy"

Deanna Race

Keep up the great job on the trail. Loved hearing your story. What beautiful country you are in! Enjoy it before you get to the desert! Love ya! Keep on ridin girl! Proud of your great goal and accomplishment.

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