Deanna called in with her finish call!

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YES! I knew you could and would do it. You are amazing! Wonderful!

Yeah! I'm so amazed with

Yeah! I'm so amazed with everything you did to stick to it. You're my hero. Someday I'd love to hear all about it.

Congratulations, Deanna! I

Congratulations, Deanna!
I can't believe how easy you made that seem! And with so many obstacles!
Your perseverance is awe-inspiring!

Well done!

You Are Awesome, Deanna!!

Dear Deanna:
We are all so happy for you! You are awesome! It was wonderful seeing you and Brad coming around the corner and we were yelling, screaming, blowing air horns, grabbing the camera and video camera! We knew with your determination that you were going to accomplish this race!
You are such an inspiration for all your family, friends and to others!
We, the Family and Friends all love you, Deanna! You are a wonderful daughter!
Mom and Dad

Doubts kill Dreams - but not yours.

That was an awesome effort Deanna.
One of my GDR slogans last year was "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." which is a verbose way of saying 'doubt kills dreams'. You used as many words as you needed, and as many gears as you needed - no more. Mucho respect.

Unbelievable ride.

Congratulations Deanna.


What next?


Congratulations. Inspirational is often an over used word but definitely not in your case. Thank you for your blogs. They helped those of us who don't know you share with your family and friends in your truly remarkably adventure and achievement. Again well done.

Hall of Fame - Biker of the year

Dear Deanna,

This is sooo awesome! Congratulations to your stunning accomplishment! Marvelous! I'm so happy and excited with you. You made it!! You achieved the impossilbe - the Tour Divide on a Fixie. I am glad and it was fun to have met you on various occasions during the race. Please let me know if there will be soon a Deanna signature line of the very bike shoes you have been wearing :-).

Congratulations and all the best from Austria,

What a ride! Enjoyed watching!

Hey Little D, you rock kiddo! I have enjoyed following your progress for the last month. I sent you happy thoughts of success and protection throughout the ride. You finished a day earlier than your projected time! Get to bloggin' after you rest your feet .I cannot wait to see pictures. I'm gonna go ride now.
Peace and love Chuck

Way to rock it!

Your way tougher then I!

Good on yah for being the first!

i am the oracle, old wise, sage woman......

Sevanah has been practicing riding a bike this morning..her little legs move so fast it looks like she is riding an air bike. It's impossible for me to get any sleep when this is going on so I asked her, "Do you want to ride bikes like your Auntie?" She responds, "NO way she is too crazy wanting to ride a fixie for that long and that far, and do want others say is impossible. I don't need to set new records!" (okay if she could talk I'm sure it would be something like that)

Good job seester! I have another surprise waiting for you...let's just say purple.


Congratulations Deanna! You

Congratulations Deanna! You are so awesome! You have completed what almost everyone in the mountain biking community thought was impossible, and on an environmentally friendly plant based diet to boot! You have done for Fixies what Kent Peterson did for single speeds, what John Stamstad did for geared bikes. You have set the bar really high as to what is possible on a Fixie, to what is possible when you let go of all doubt and believe in your dreams. You are such an inspiration to all the girls and women out there, and to all the tough macho men who are still scratching their heads at your accomplishment, wondering how they will ever be able to duplicate the pain threshold of a woman or your sprinting abilities up Ute Pass on a 46 x 17 gear ratio. Enjoy this moment... I know that you will go far. This is only the beginning. Rock on Vegan !!!


What a tremendous feat you have just accomplished! You are an inspiration to many- even those outside the biking world. I hope that you will shoulder the accolades with dignity and honor. You have done something no other person has ever done- a pioneer for your cause.
What a great treasure of experience you now have to go forward to accomplish much more. To endure such a lengthy ride and to not pack it in when it would have been the easier route to follow bespeaks volumes of your character and determination.
I am hopeful that the future will gleam with opportunities to speak of your trek and accomplishment and also will be a sopringboard to do many more wonderful and meaningful things that will transform the lives and hopes of others.
Great jo well done! I am so very proud of you!


Fabulous ride! Big congrats on getting it done all the way. Amazing!

Hey Deanna, We were paying

Hey Deanna,

We were paying attention to the race to follow Pul Howard and though we're wildly proud of his accomplishments, you kept us riveted to the blogs. You are a hoot.
Knowing what you accomplished on a fixie, we're all entering next year on strand cruisers with big front baskets and will wear van sneakers with the backs cut out as a nod to you.
Carry on, Silver girl. Carry on by.

absolutely amazing

hey deanna
We never did get to meet, but you have earned my utmost respect. We kept hearing that there was someone constantly haunting us from only a few days behind. You kept pushing and inspiring us with our family and friends telling us about how much commitment you were putting into every fixed pedal stroke. At times you even shamed us with your one gear versus our 27 gears. Your mind and body must be made of the same lugged steel as your bike. Congratulations on such and amazing accomplishment. now get some rest those knees for next year!
your biggest fan

Viva fixies...

... well, maybe. I'm still no closer to working out why you rode on a fixie, but then since I've been home I've met lots of folk who are baffled at me doing it all (with gears or otherwise), so I guess we each choose our degree of madness relative to others. Fantastic stuff.


Inspiring ride

Deana, you've acheived something so incredible, and now stand on the edge of limitless oportunities. Go get 'em!

Great Job Sweetie

You have gave Me the will power to think I can also. Thanks for that and by December should have my Blue belt even with all my health issues. Thanks Love Uncle Bobby


Wow!! What an accomplishment to do this race on a fixie. It was so hard with gears. My hat is off to you. Great job. The world is yours.

Congrats on An Amazing Feat of Cycling History

All of us at the Outdoorsman Bike Shop in Butte, Montana congratulate you on such a tremendous achievement in traversing the rugged, steep, and often inhospitable terrain and weather along the 2745 mile Great Divide Trail during this year's Tour Divide Race.

Doing it on a geared bike was tough enough, but props to you for your courage, skill, and stamina to do it on a fixie. No matter the circumstance of time elapsed you have set a bench mark for all to strive toward. Amazing doesn't do justice to what you have accomplished both from an endurance athlete standpoint and as an example of the power of the human will and self-determination. Be wishes for all future endeavors, and if ever in Butte stop by and say hello.

Cheers , your eyes are full wide open to possibilities-


You go girl!

Hey Deanna, Congrats on

Hey Deanna,

Congrats on accomplishing your goal! Its easy to say now, but ever since we first talked I knew you were going to be the one to get this done, and I never doubted your ability to make this happen from then on.

Shine on you crazy diamond!


PS - what color frame pack do you want for a fixie self supported RAAM next year ;)?

So proud!

Wow Deanna. I just got caught up on the last part of your race. You are an amazing human being and I am so thrilled for your accomplishments! Maybe next time I will follow you around with a cooler full of Taco Bell so that you don't have to eat those stale oreos again. If only I could do something like what you just did...ya know? We both have our own health battles, but always hearing your stories when we are able to catch up drives me to push harder. Did you hear that I went rollerskating with Sheldon? Yup! Walker and all!! It was scary and exhausting, but it was something I was told I couldn't do, so I HAD TO TRY!! Plus Sheldon loved it, so how could I not? LOL. I think you can relate to that tho-I think it makes us try harder when someone tells us we can't or shouldn't.

I hope you are resting up now before you move on to the next adventure. You MUST take care of yourself too you know. Sheldon and I had a blast listening to your call-ins and we love your mom for keeping us all posted (thanks Aunt Debbie!). I'm sure that you have tons more stories to share, so we'll have to get together to catch up. I love you D, and I am sooo proud of you. But call me! I was thinking of making a trip to SLC to see Aaron and we could stop and see Vanessa if you were up to the trip! I could sure use getting out of the heat for a bit anyhow!

Sorry to ramble on so, but we all know I never run out of stuff to say LOL!! Hugs my hippie. I am glad you are still in one piece.

Love always, Susie and Sheldon Shaner

Why the witch hunt?


You are obviously on a witch hunt. We are not particularly concerned about why you may or may not be disqualified, but for you to go after others in the race to try and get them disqualified is a very mean and vindictive thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1. My friend Magoy and I both rode out to welcome you and the other two cyclists, as we did many of the other cyclists.
2. After finally realizing that you had made it to town, we called the Super 8 Motel to congratulate you and the others.
3. You asked us if we wouldn't mind giving you a ride to WalMart and back again. We gladly obliged. We love the race, and tried to welcome all the racers.
4. I told you the story of Jamie finishing the race, and how I had talked him into spending the night at his house before completing the last leg.
5. Jamie's house is always open to all CD trail hikers & bikers, and has been for years. We explained that to you. It is common and public knowledge in Silver City. We offered lodging at Jamie's house to many of the cyclists in this year's race
6. I am unclear as to why you twisted and used this information to get Jamie disqualified.
7. Is not requesting and accepting a ride grounds for disqualification?
8. Shame on you!!!

Tour Divide Race


I must say I compliment all who went the distance of this arduous trail. It is an accomplishment of noble and notable value. I also compliment all the riders that started but did not finish for their willingness to dare the hard thing to do. It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.

I am understanding somewhat to your comments though I feel that your comments were not warranted in such a public forum. I do not have all the details of the issues of the race and disqualifications that ensued. I am familiar with a couple of riders and have enjoyed the blogs of most of the riders as they left them for all of us to enjoy.

Bitterness towards others is a waste of energy. It does not accomplish anything except shows the frail weakness' of our personalities. From your writing and blog, it would appear that you are a kind hearted individual and a true sportsman. Your efforts to congratulate others and comfort them shows true humanitarian traits. Your comments would seem out of character for you.

Deanna's heartbreak of disqualification prompted emotions that one could expect after accomplishing such a feat. Being young, she perhaps has expressed some things in emotional distress to try to prove innocence. I believe her words and actions were not intended to be vindictive to other riders, rather, they were trying to make sure all others had followed the rules as closely as she was scrutinized. I do not feel for one moment that she would want to take away the accomplishments and well meaning of any other riders. She was just attempting to apply the justice she received to all the other riders.

Nothing can be taken away from any of you that finished the race.The integrity of the race is soley contained in the simple rules and the application of those rules by the riders. No one can really ascertain 100% complicity unless there were some technology used to do so. The race is over, I hope the owner(s) of the race are more successful next year and that the racers are excited to race again.

Again, I compliment you for your race and also all others who completed it to its destiny at the border. No one will ever be able to take this away from you. I hope your future rides will provide greater rewards of fulfillment and that success will follow you in all your endeavors.

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