Deanna calls in from Cuba

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suffer fest

Did you need to throw rocks at the drunk teenagers as they harassed you? Well you might be the only rider who got to camp and eat dinner with the baked rainbow gatherers. I'm excited that you only have about 500 miles left, you are getting close!




Good to hear your voice and stories again. Sorry to hear about all your issues but you are soooooo close to the finish. I'm sure you fit right in with the rainbowers. Be careful what you eat and drink in NM so you don't get sick. Looking forward to you reaching the Wells.


Bumping Along

Deanna Darling --
No more chasing Rainbow fairy tales, hear? 10,000 shitters on one watershed is probably worse than scum on a cattle stocktank. We ALL want to see you spot-on-track, staying pumped, and cutting to chase a finish on the course, in good health. Our Lady of Guadalupe has great compassion for those who suffer in the Chichuahuan desert -- and Every Body in all directions on that vast expanse suffers; so get through it; Whatever MissAdventure. (Thank Goodness you won't have to cross the next border down into Mexico, or meet the women coming this way to labor.) Please get through this Shift in landscape. I'm listening for your humming in the wind here in Lost Almost tonight, Little Bird. Don't waste any water on tears. Blessings for a bright tomorrow!

Jamie's Aunt Candy
Lost Almost, NM

Glad to hear from you today, Deanna!

Dear Deanna:
Hello! I was so happy to hear from you this morning and tonight. So happy that you are doing so good. Mom misses crewing after you in practices, especially up Mt. Graham. It is amazing how strong you are to be on a "fixie" this long. I went on a 28 mile bicycle ride today with my friend, Mary June. How can you go and go without resting your legs on your bicycle? It is humbly to think.
Well, I know that you have loved participating in this race, Deanna. You have done wonderful.
We all love and miss ya! You are such an inspiration to us all!
Mom and Dad, your family, friends, relatives and friends

Huge Adminiration

Hi Deanna:

2009 TD finisher Eric Bruntjen here... You've got my full respect and admiration. You are the best, most dedicated racer in the whole field. A fixie, I can hardly believe it.





Saw your bike on Fixed gear Gallery and got curious who is riding such an old banger in the tour divide. Its seems its not the bike but the rider which determines the outcome...
Heard your logs and you have my biggest respect doing this trip on a SS and on your own.

Stay safe, and enjoy the very last bit of your tour.

Greetings from the south of germany.


The journey

The spot tracker is awesome. I love being able to see your progress on the route from the little dots on the map. It is comforting to know you are still moving along. It really is wonderful to know where you are and how much further you have to go. What I love more than that is hearing your stories. It is nice to see the "race" side of things but absolutely wonderful to hear about the journey. Every detail is a treat... Thanks for the updates. We all appreciate you for sharing this wonderful experience. You have come so far! You rock!

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