Deanna calls in from Del Norte

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"you drive through"

Deanna, I'm sorry you were T.Od about your run-in with the electrical wire, but iIF you are in the middle of now where why would the rancher put up a caution sign? The cows can't read. I'm super impressed that you are almost to New Mexico..the heat of the desert is your favorite!

Keep on peddaling!

So glad you are ok!!

Dear Deanna:
Wow, I am so glad you are ok!!!
I think from the "cattle guard" experiences, Mom will be getting off and walking across any in the future. Cattle guards are scarry. So...we are so excited for your finish on this race that has meant so much to you, Deanna! You are such an inspiration!
Love, Mom & Dad, Family, Relatives, Friends and Neighbors

Hello we're following you guys now!

Hey girl, It was great meeting you and brad in sargents. We're happy to see that you made it to del norte in the least. sorry to hear about the cattle guard #2. Hope all is well keep up the good work and we're sending you all the good vibes we have to spare! -Jes


You are still doing great supergirl. The finish line is in sight.


Home stretch!!!

Wow! One more border to cross! I'm so excited. It feels like you are almost finished... and you still have one more state to ride through. :) I hope you find lots of clean water in New Mexico and have enough cheese cloth to last until Mexico!

Way to go Deanna! Rick

Way to go Deanna! Rick Ashton is my buddy from Tallahassee. He stopped by the bike shop when he returned home from the race. Rick says you are totally awesome and a supergirl ... and Rick knows what he's talking about! ;) Keep positive, determined, and focused ... the finish line is real close ... and it's YOURS!
Best wishes ... and yeah, stay away from the cattle guards! Be safe out there!
Tallahassee, FL

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