Deanna calls from Eureka

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Hi, this is Deanna Adams. I am calling in from Eureka, Montana. We went through Hike a Bike area and I ended up seeing Rick. It is pretty intense. I only have a back break. My front break broke off the night before the race. Also my chain around 100 miles just popped off and wrapped around and I skidded to a halt. Nothing serious but I thought I would share. Heading off to Whitefish today. Feeling pretty good.  Yesterday was a little harsh, but whatever, I can take it. Yep, so I will call again later. Bye!


Hello Deanna!!!

Dear Deanna:
Hey, Mom heard your voice and report!!!!
We are so happy to hear you!!!!
So glad you know how to fix your bike!!
Do you need a new brake??
We are all so proud of you!!
Mom and Dad and Family!!!!


Dear Deanna:
Hey, again we all love ya!!
Mom and Dad and Family

Hey Deanna

Keep on trucking! We're rooting for you from our little rock in the ocean.

Keep it up!

Love the quotes... Keep going strong. Just think how much easier The 508 will seem after this. ; )

Enjoy the Scenery

It must be beautiful countryside!
Enjoy the ride before you get to the desert!

Seester Power

Awww D I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the good work. Hopefully you've been able to find a taco bell, no rocks on the ground you are sleeping on, and no bugs crusted on your glasses yet : ) TE AMO..

You GO, GIRL !!!

Way to go Deanna!

Just listened to your "call in", and it sounds like you are in great spirits despite your mechanical issues. You are amazing! Tori just might follow in your footsteps - she's put 3 triathlons under her belt since March, finishing gold in the most recent. We're shopping for a new bike! You be careful and enjoy this incredible experience.

You "GO GIRL" !!!!

Debbie & Tori Winsberg

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