Deanna calls in from Grants

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Way to Go, Deanna!!

Dear Deanna:
You did great yesterday!! So, happy that you were able to eat at Taco Bell! Your super sonic jets are full and ready to go!! Great call in. Keep watch for cattle guards, cows and horses!
We are all excited for you and look forward seeing you!
Love, Mom and Dad, Family and Friends

Keep Going Deanna!

Wow, I am so impressed by your fortitude. Thanks for the call-in updates too.
You have proven yourself to be one of the strongest women I know, and I am proud of the fact that "I knew you when..."

You are representing Prescott in amazing fashion.

Keep it up, you are almost there!

Dave Sewell

horse encounter

I'll still laughing about the horse! Especially since you left your glasses with the rainbow gatherers and can't see the best. But I'm really glad that you didn't crash and then get trampled on by a horse that happens to be living on the res. Only 5 burritos..I''m surprised you couldn't eat more!
It's getting are doing great!


Please say hi to Brad for me

Thanks for the updates. I am a friend of Brad Mattingly, and I have enjoyed hearing about you and him as you proceed on. I was planning to cheer both of you on by driving over to Pie Town this early morning, but I had to stay in my office until 2 am so I didn't get up early enough to make the trip. Please give Brad my very best. Please let Brad know that we celebrated his trip on Wednesday night and at a sweat this last weekend.

Gary Robbins


Deanna has been around horses since she was what 12? to 18. Her first job was feeding the neighbors horses early in the morning before she would go to school. I would think she would have "horse sense" in knowing what to do in approaching a horse!

Sorry, about the pun, but I think that is why Vanessa found it so funny!

We used to call horses "hay burners", so I guess we can call Deanna "burrito burner".

It looks like they are taking a big rest in Pie Town and getting ready for the last big push. Go Girl Go!!

Love Dad

Keep trucking

Hello Deanna,

Finally made it onto the Internet here in your home state of Arizona (Phoenix) from where I'm hoping to fly home soon. I've been hearing that you've been tailing us for the past three weeks or so, and now I can see for myself that you're nearly there. Frankly, I am lost in admiration. I needed all the help that a fat-tyred MTB with suspension and, most imprtantly, GEARS (and a freewheel) could give me - and some. I found the heat in NM a challenge, but you're on home ground now so I'm sure you'll fly to the finish. Give my best to Brad as well if/when you see him.

Well done,


wow - 106 degrees and you made it to A.W.

Deanna, I've been cheering for you from afar. I'm amazed you completed the route on a fixie. And to finish when the Hachita Valley weather station measures 106 degrees is unreal. Congrats to you! Amy

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