Deanna calls in from Pinedale to recap!

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!



That should make up for your lack of call-ins, ha, ha :-) 7 days between call-ins and now a message that's almost 9 minutes long. Awesome !!! Hope you are doing well, and keep the pace conservative. Make sure you stretch your achilles off the bike, and muscles that are tight, something you can't do on the bike like the other racers who can stop pedaling and still ride. Take care and continue living the dream!!! I think a lot of people would like to donate money so you can eat at Taco Bell, but the question is how? You have to stay in contact with the outside world a little more with your cell phone so that you know a care package is sent ahead for you at a post office on the route. So check your phone messages. Ohmmmm...


Dear Deanna:
Hi! Your Dad and I loved hearing your voice yesterday when you called home!
Thank you for the awesome call in this morning on MTB!! I will send a link to all our relatives and friends! You are such an inspiration to me, your family and to the world! Take care of yourself! We are all praying for you!
Please keep the call ins like Adrian the "Super VeganCow" has said. He has been great letting us know more about the area since he rode it last year, thanks Adrian. Thank you to all who helped Deanna get to this point in the "race." Brad good luck to you! It is great having another fellow Arizona racer!
Love ya, Deanna!
Mom and Dad and Family


It's great to hear your voice again. I thought that would catch up to you again on the Togwotee and Union passes but I decided to pull out before that section. It was inspirational to ride with you the first few days. You are an amazingly strong person to continue grinding it out day after day. Stay strong and listen to your legs and take care of them.

"Old Man" Rick

woah! Caffine induced call in for sure!!!

What a wonderful lengthy update! I hope you do leave many more messages for the rest of the Divide. We are so proud of you and appreciate every detail we can get...little spot dots showing us where you are and any stories about your adventure. I'd love to hear how your personal power plant hub is working. :)

Keep it up!

Just letting you know that I'm following your progress. Keep strong!

great post


I am a friend of a different rider. I am really amazed at everyone. I have been listening to a lot of the blogs. This was the best one ever. Thanks for the descriptive update and best of luck to you!

Dang, Deanna...

So I know that it's been a long time since I've even seen you, but this is one freakin' sweet way to bust back in and to hear how things are going. Man, I don't even know where to start so with that I'll just keep it short for the time being. I'm proud of you Cuz, it's intense that you're really doing this thing. I get excited to come into work and to find an email from your mom keeping all of us eager fans posted on your progress. I can't believe how far along you are, ESPECIALLY given the rig that you're riding. INTENSE!!! So anyway, keep it going and when/if you get down just remember, that's cool it happens just let it pass and get back on your bike and ride. You're doing strong keep it up.

L-E-T-S-G-O, lets go, lets go

First of all I love that you are sporting trash bags everywhere you go, sorry you got rips in your rain gear. 2nd everybody who has ever owned a pair of Vans knows that they are become the smellyest shoes in the closet and the fact that you choose to ride 2,700 miles in the mud, hail, rain, and snow on your bicycle, not to mention the bamboo fibers, is just asking for the raunchiest shoes possible! I love that you are making due on gas station food because most people can only handle that stuff for 1 day. I am going to try to see if we can't find some people willing to donate money for your cause so you can finish this thing! All those nights working the graveyard shift at the Walmarts will pay off!

Love you,

Knife can opener??


Can't leave any messages on your phone girlie! The box is full. So.. I'm just a little curious if your $40 knife makes a good can opener. Have you tried it yet? I thought you would have found a can of beans at a gas station by now. Maybe the next big town you could pop open a can and have tortillas and chips. Yummy!

Just letting you know that

Just letting you know that I'm following your progress. Keep strong!

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