Deanna calls in from Silverthorn

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Hello! From Mom

Dear Deanna: Wow! I am so glad that your leg is ok. I guess rain gear can be hazardous!
Watch out for the cattle guards. Mom and Dad and Family thinks you are awesome. All our relatives and friends are praying for you! Wish there were more Taco Bells out there for you!
Love and miss you, Deanna!
Love, Mom and Dad and Family

your "fall in"

Did you feel like a cow stuck in the guard, isn't true that if a cow falls in it will break their leg? Good thing you were able to get out of it. Too bad your rain pains are ripped and you have to use duck tape and electrical tape in 3 different colors to make them functional. And too bad you didn't make those repairs until after your "fall in" with the cattle guard. I'm glad you are in good spirits!




With the hundreds of cattle guards that you have crossed already, quit trying to find out what happens to a cow when they try to walk across a guard. Sorry you had the accident and glad you weren't hurt too bad. You are going great girl.


You are AWESOME!

Dear Deanna:
Wow, how do you do it? I rode my mtn bicycle with my friend, Mary June this morning on the asphalt, occasionally rolling inclines (hills). From 5:45-9:45 AM, and we rode 30 MILES!! We hope to ride about 50 next Saturday. Deanna you are such an inspiration to me, your family, friends and everyone. Please call home when you can. Your cell phone mail box is full. Hopefully, we can coordinate a "care package" in a few days. Remember if there are no Taco Bells around to open a can of vegan refried beans or can beans and put on a vegan tortilla or shell. Remember the tomatoes, avocado, lettuce or whatever vegetable you can find! Remember the sea salt!!!
It is hard not being "Crew Captain" on this race. Your "Crew Captain, Mom" and your crew are ready for action in your next race!! We love ya lots! Love, Mom and Dad, Family, Relatives and Friends!! P.S. Please don't forget Arnica and Emergenc-C or vit C or oranges for your bruise.

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