Deanna calls in from somewhere north of El Rito

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only 1 lost story so far

That sucks you got lost. I'm actually really grateful that you haven't been more lost during this considering our inherited lack of no "sense of direction". You sound pretty tired..maybe from a super frustrating day of getting lost on the Phoenix, lack of sleep for the past 3 weeks, or all the energy you use riding your fixie each day. I can't wait until you make it to Antelope Wells and Mom gives you my surprise.

You are doing great!


Lost, just like the mail!

You are doing great! Keep it up!

I have been spreading the news about you and the Tour Divide, and I think you have inspired one of my co-workers. At least he said "Now, I know what I am doing next summer."

I'm send good thoughts!

I bet it was the new post

I bet it was the new post office in Vallecitos - it looked to me like they just built it half a mile up the hill from where the old one was, so now the cues that say turn at the post office don't make quite as much sense. And then while you're confused about this, a pack of neighborhood dogs take notice of you...

Lost at the MALL!

It is just like when the two of them got lost in the Mall. All she needed to do is go to the map that says YOU ARE HERE! Once the people, where she knock on the door, told her where she was, she was good to go again! That oldest daughter of mine got a ticket(cruzing) for circling a Mall in Mesa, AZ, years ago, because she could not make her mind up which door she wanted to go in.

Keep up the good work Deanna and continue on!

Love Dad

Recovery from turns

Dear Deanna:
Hey, you have done great on this race. Lots of experiences about making "turns." Mom has seen you recover from those turns from Mountain bike racing to road bike racing and now adventure racing on a "fixie"!! Grateful for the experiences you have had. Speaking about getting lost, Mom is best at that. Just tell me what road and when we need to be at the end. Your Aunt Sandy and I use to ride in the camper every year traveling to Oregon with our family as kids. I really feel it started the whole family "sense of direction" thing. We love ya and we think you are great! Our prayers are with you! We appreciate the angels out there, thank you Isaac and Annabelle SUAZO yesterday! Deanna, remember to "lighten up on the fan description!"
Mom, Dad, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors and "The World"

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