Erik L. calls from Pie Town, he’s out

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Hi this is Erik Lobeck calling in, it’s 3:00 and I have had to abandon the race.  I got stomach flu, giardia or food poisoning yesterday.  Road all afternoon with it to get to a town called Pie Town. And felt progressively weaker and light headed and wrong throughout the day and then started feeling really sick having to pull off the trail allot. And then spent the night in I guess stomach flu agony and most of this morning to. I can’t see myself getting better in the next day or two and I have not been able to put any food in me which for the last 300 miles is pretty much a pre requisite especially since food is pretty widely spaced and it is riding thru the desert. So I have decided to make the wise decision to pullout of the race.  I hate to do it so short of the goal, I was really looking forward to completing those last 300 miles in about 2 days which I think I could have done and gotten in, in my 21, 21 ½ day time frame which would have made me happy but I think it is the smarter decision rather than being stuck in the desert not feeling good with dehydration I still don’t feel very good I am in the car on my way home. There you have it that is why my spot hasn’t moved, Pie town is where it ended. More later when I feel more like talking.


great job

Erik, I'm sorry you are feeling awful in your stomach. You logged on your hours and miles and accomplished more than many people ever will in their whole life!

Good luck to you,

Vanessa (Deanna Adam's sister)

Erik, what a bummer! So close

Erik, what a bummer! So close to the end. Oh well, next time maybe. Anyways, you still rode well and very far in that short amount of time. Hope your feeling beter soon.
Take care.


an amazing ride

Hi Erik,

I am very impressed with what you did. I am sorry it ended a little prematurely but you did an amazing job! Talk to you soon.


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