Erik calls in from Kremling

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Hi this is Erik Lobeck calling in From Kremling, Colorado.  Made it out of Steamboat at lunch today got re-supply, mail drop, and end everything else requisite.  Did some climbing after yesterdays bonk day where I just didn’t quite have the energy in me out of Rawlins because I didn’t eat right. So learning that valuable lesson again just try to eat right and it will be better in the long run.  Anyway today was just beautiful made it into Kremling at sunset with rain clouds and rainbows and beautiful sunlight, and pesky mosquitoes. Unfortunately, that were biting me all the way up despite insect repellent.  But I have a comfortable motel room in Kremling Colorado today. Interesting getting a room.  It was interesting seeing my family today since I live right on rout. So it was pretty hard to resist the magnet that would make me want to stop so I figured I should just go for a quick turn around and get out of town so that’s what I did. Anyway that’s it. Bye.


Erik, I've been glued to your

I've been glued to your Spot map for the last two weeks, amazed at your progress and all I can say is keep it up, you're absolutely rocking this thing!! Great job pulling through Steamboat, I'm sure that was difficult to keep your inertia going, but a few more days and you'll be shooting tequila at the border. We're all pulling for you here in Seattle, keep up the energy, eat lots of good food, and roll on down to the desert!

Lots of Love,
Gus, Em, & Lucy

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