Final thoughts from Erik Lobeck: Giardia confirmed!

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Hi it’s Erik Lobeck with a final I guess closure update. I am calling from my hospital at home where it has been confirmed that I have contracted giardia somewhere along this wet moist rout this year.  Some stray droplet probably.  In any event it is good I stopped when I did because things kind of spiraled downwards the next few days and I wasn’t able to hold down any food or water until today which is Monday and that is only with an IV in my arm.   Ya so sidelined by Giardia is the final story and that’s it.  I guess, Obviously I wish I could have finished it but it was prudent to stop when I did and I feel good about that decision.  And I Congratulate everyone who makes it through and congratulations to Leighton White my hometown compatriot for finishing that event despite all his bike problems along the way and Hi to all the group I was riding with on and off sporadically thru the last few days. Ok bye.



bad news

Dang, I was so sad that you had to stop so close to the finish but it's great that you acted on your intuition to stop when you did. Sorry, you have to be in the hospital with an IV in your arm. What a great mission and adventure you engaged in by pedaling all those miles! Not very many people can do what you did...we are just in awe by all you riders.

Get better soon,
Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

So Close

Hey Erik,
Really sorry to hear you got hit by Giardia so close to the finish. You were one of the strongest in the peloton! Hope you recover quickly and can enjoy riding again soon.


Hi Erik Really sorry to hear

Hi Erik
Really sorry to hear you got giardia. Wise decision on your part to do what you did though. I had it once and can be nasty. I have no doubt you would have finished high on the list. You were so strong. Best of luck. Get well soon and enjoy the addition that is coming.


Giardia Blues

Hey Erik,

good effort but also a good decision to stop and get better. I got hit by giardia once on a cycling trip through Pakistan and it knocked the stuffing out of me for around for 5 weeks. I wish I'd had access to an intravenous drip! I'm sure you'll be back in the saddle shortly.

All the best

Brisbane, Australia

We were so sorry when you

We were so sorry when you pulled out but glad tohear you are better

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