Jamie called in from Steamboat

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Great stories! Can't wait to

Great stories! Can't wait to know you're in NM!! But Beware the wild Rainbow Family folks in the Jemez; Matt Lee called in with some hilarious info. We're loving this adventure with you.

Love, Anne ++++

Whoopee! Cowboy Up!

Nighty-nite and sleepin' tight in big pile of cow patties; then a kind lady feeds him a lovely break-fast, and awaaay he goes, kicking off another long day to buck another Rocky mountain just for the fun! That's Rodeo! Hombre, you are Que Suave in the saddle -- riding on; rain or shine.

Aunt Candy

James- I'm glad you slept to

James- I'm glad you slept to well in cow shit. Last night I had a good nights sleep too! I enjoyed the night at the Algonquin hotel in New York City. I guess everything is relative. We follow you every day. Keep it up and we'll see you in New Mexico in a few short days.

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