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Great call-in

Jamie, don't be afraid to "get into that." Your thoughts are priceless. This emotional roller coaster, as you call it, seems to have given you a lot of ideas - write them down, call them in, and don't forget them. Armchair fans like me around the world are loving it.

you are beautiful

You are amazing and inspiring and you've made us smile alot following you and the others on this adventure. I know how much you like oranges!! Must have been an angel!! Who's the patron saint of the tour divide???

Love, love,love Anne +++++

Good to Hear from YOu

If there was any concern that the Tour was taking more from you than you were getting from it, the last post erased that concern. Glad to hear you are using the time between posts to sort out the problems in Silver City. I think your insights are applicable to most cities.

gratitude for the small things

Being in the outdoors for a long period of time and engaging in this challenge would spark such great enlightenment. Thanks for allowing me and others share in your journey. If you haven't read FLOW by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, I highly recommend it!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Lofty High Road

Jamie --

Glad you made it to Salida today with all that heavy thinking going on in your head. You're an excellent professor -- elevating our sights with Your Vision and creating a new way of teaching for a better future. Your social and economic observations are appreciated. Enjoy the rest of the ride -- as you know, it's not about being fastest -- it's about Just Being.

Too bad some of the lead riders aren't planning to hang out at the end and get to know you -- to pass a little time in our beautiful New Mexico -- to share some of the deeper Meaning of what you're all doing out there. You're building a community -- you may be a little strung out right now on all the peak experiences, but you're planting some seeds for other planners all around the world.

Proud to be Your Aunt Candy

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