Jamie calls in from around Sargents

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Jamie, you're off to a fine

Jamie, you're off to a fine start with your story; you've got a bit of time to polish it up. This ride has all the necessary elements for the creation of an epic myth. Sounds like you're finding some fun in all this, and fun is good!

May you find more oranges along your journey. I feel better knowing you've got angels with you.

Love, Anne

your chat with the mosquito

I think it's great you can cycle so far and still have the energy to chat up a mosquito instead of squash it with your cycling gloves. I hope we get to hear the inevitable happy ending to this love story by the time you get to the border. Good luck.

Catherine (Paul Howard's wife)

ps there are a nice group of boys only a day or so behind you so if you want a bit of company, just hang out for the day with a few mosquitos and they'll maybe catch you.

So this is your love life? I

So this is your love life? I can't wait to hear the rest. (but work on it first). Things are tough here in NYC, too. We had some rain and had to put up an umbrella for awhile. Don't worry tho. We are hanging in there. We get back to NM late thursday night and will decide then when we can catch up with you. Are you planning ahead to next year yet? Are you finally staying warm? My guess is no, but you do surprise me sometimes. Catch you soon.

Dude, Absolutely


Absolutely unbelievable. I'm in awe at what you have accomplished and continue to accomplish. If I knew exactly where you were gonna be, I'd go looking for you. I'll be out 4th around 6:30 pm, any idea where you might be? All I need is co-ordinates between point A & B. For mom and dad to put things in perspective, I've probably logged around 10,000 miles since you started but I have to honestly report that my 10K miles have been much easier than yours. Sadly, I can't say they've been on a mountain bike. I'm gonna have to build a barn with a pile of manure for the nights I find myself in the "insomniac" category ......... which happens at least once a week.

As far a biking miles, I've only logged about 350 in the past month and always been within 1 hour walking distance from a bike shop ................. I know that doesn't make me the road/trail warrior you are but it has gotten me off my fat arse!

Keep it going dude, it has me in amazement + I can't wait to hear some more stories.

Ride tough brother! Inspirational.

CT ............ Out!

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