Jamie calls in from Beaverhead Work Center

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!



Oh Good. You're enjoying YourSelf Immensely.

Note: For interested bloggers who are not familiar with indigenous Southwestern culture-- the Mudheads are the clowns of the pueblos. They have more fun entertaining than anyone who's laughing, and they are STUPID until they get everyone laughing.

We're Laughing Already. Get it on Home, James!

We're enjoying YOU immensely

Mudhead!!!! (that name may stick,even when the mud doesn't)

Classic Uncle Jamie Call-in from the GDT. I'm hearing love analogies in the mud stories as well. I think you'll need a "love lessons learned on the GDT" segment.

Since your spot isn't working, we're all tracking your progress by intuition, and great large leaps of faith. Thanks for sending out those bubbles of joy into the universe.

Your devoted fans in 'burque can't wait to see you again!!!!

and ah - it was amazing

and ah - it was amazing because I was going around a corner and I swear there was a stick,5 feet off the road that got sucked up and attached itself to my body. My tires were covered with all these rocks and sticks it looked like the shell of a caddis fly? and they're like the aquatic animal that make their own shell they're kind of like hermit crabs? and they usually make them out of sticks, and stones and stuff like that they're real cool lookin and that's what i LOOKED LIKE EXCEPT THAT you know mine are like all over the place ya know I had sticks like all over the place

I looked like a mobile home made out of adobe? by, I dunno Edward Abbey on crack anyways I swear all you could see was my blinking eyes looking in astonishemt at all the crap that was attached to me

I rode the course last year - and I was out there this weekend, and I salute you!

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