Jamie calls in from the NM border

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


You are spectacular! Hope we

You are spectacular! Hope we can catch you, though I'm afraid we might blend right in with the Rainbow Family, but Mia's eagle eye will surely spot you! Love, Anne


I love listening to your call ins and stories from the route, and singing :-), you add a unique color and flavor to this race. Carry on !!!

I loved the singing and the

I loved the singing and the stories - keep them coming.

Catherine Howard (Paul's wife)

Epic & Inspiring

Hang in on your great ride.

Your stories are a treasure.

I've a goal to tour the Great Divide.
I want to meet these mosquitos, toads, and chipmunks to which you refer.
I guess I'll skip the manure pile even it it means I might not sleep so well.


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