Jamie calls in from Northern NM

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


way to go Jamie

Hey Jamie, Terry here in Salida, We are rooting for you buddy. Love the Crazy call-in's. Keep it between the ditches buddy. Hasta la pasta

Tires en la Tierra - Head Where?

Hey Goofball--
Real bullshit stories, right from dreams on the manure pile -- I love the ending where the mosquito leaves you for the cow. Froggie (or was it Toad) on a bicycle roll is good, strange but harmless. Chipmunks with beer cheering their own bravado in your path with high fives? The ballads and ditties are so silly. This is like when you were only three; you were always so creative in entertaining us on your way along. We have to find a good illustrator and publish your story to inspire children to find "it" (Being No Worries) for themselves Out There. But, I do worry that this is a symptom of gone Too Far for too long now, most of 20 days All Alone by YourSelf, Lone Ranger Who Never Meets a Stranger. Good to have your tires safely on track en La Tierra de Nuevo Mexico -- this high desert and canyon land knows Who You Are. Your little flaky bits are leaving a trail of Joy so we can track you down. Con Familia y Fe, all the way-- Manana, you are going to hit the homestretch, and then finish just fine and funky. We Adore You, Jamie!
Aunt Candy

Ride-on funky man!

I am amazed!

100 mile days over the roughest terrain in North America and you still have the mental capacity to work out theories on terminal funk!

When I heard you describing talking chipmunks and then you mentioned terminal funk, I thought CRAP!! ..James has hooked up with those hippies in the Jemez and eaten some of their baked goods.

But know I see that this is an epic journey where you not only test physical and psychological limits and also take the intellectual and philosophical self to a new plateau.

Wow. Really I am amazed.



The manure pile called today it wants its smell back. Those chipmunks were talking about how they have smelled that smell before but usuallly it is not moving much less trying to run them down. I feel more out of shape and less adventurous at every posting. Keep it up we love the stories and stay dry.

Terminal Funk

I've been pondering this.
Maybe the state of terminal funk is also the condition known as Funkqulibrium?
Thanks for the stories and the inspiration!
Santa Clara, CA.
I'm a road rider but you've got me thinking about mtn bikes.
I gotta get out there and see those chipmunks.

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