Jamie calls in with some final thoughts

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Hello, this is Jamie Thomson. I finished the race a couple days ago. I needed a couple days to let everything settle in. My final thoughts are...you know, I started the race on the first day and I talked to Matthew Lee, that was the last time I saw him (laughing), but he said his big goal was to open up (share) this experience to a lot of people and I think he and everyone who has worked on the website and every other component of this amazing event really has done that. I take my hat off to you guys. This is an amazing thing...and the work that they did was really cool because what it's done is it's opened up the experience to people all over the world. And the ripple effects of the goodwill that has come out of this race will go on forever. And so this is some very, very important work that all those people that worked on putting this on; the folks that made the maps, the websites, Matthew, and all the hardcore racers that ended before I did. All those guys have done some amazing things and I appreciate it.

I am trying to think of all the stuff that made a big difference to me that wasn't obvious that other people haven't commented on...and uh, probably the biggest thing is that i came to really appreciate is bicycle tracks...so, if I was riding along on some place that had cemented, two inch track, I would look down on that and know that someone had suffered more than I did...and I remember even going through mud one time in NM and looking back and seeing my own tracks and hoping it made someone else feel good to see those things. The other thing was...coffee in the morning...I read...I think it was Grapes of Wrath. There was this one guy giving advice to another about how to make a meal out of 5c. and what he would do is take coffee in a diner and then slowly, when the waitress's back is turned, would fill it with cream and completely full of sugar and, it's not that i was that poor or anything but it was cool to connect myself with that literature and you never have that opportunity to do that unless you're riding so long that the calories...(cut off).

Hello, this is Jamie Thomson, I got cut off. I'll just finish off by saying, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, a thousand and one thank-yous for putting on this event and thank-you to all the people in Silver City and my family, who are always so supportive, even in the down-turns...but...it was great...I would do this thing...the last day I knew that, if my life allows it, next year that I'll want to do this race again. It was spectacular and I encourage anyone who's considering it to think about do it. It is an amazing thing. Matthew Lee is absolutely right on this stuff, that humans ought to experience 20days or more of this sort of contemplation. I think we would be much better off if everybody took a sabatical and rode their bikes for a month (laughing). Thanks you so much for making this possible. Bye.


Congratulation Jamie! It

Congratulation Jamie! It sounds like a really good experience. Maybe I'll be there next year.
I think I enjoyed your calls the most, very colorful and full of excitement.
Anyways, great job dude!


Making Tracks

Congrats brother. Very proud of you.
Nice point on the bike tracks. This year especially, they were a keen analog record of the trials and tribulations of "le tour". I thought similar sentiments of followers viewing my deep ruts sometimes; the story they told. One important message from it all: Riders suffer at the back and the front equally. Likewise, appreciation of the beauty is there no matter one's general classification...And how `bout all the animal tracks? Not in 6 years on route was I ever aware of how much wildlife is truly out there until every critter was cast in the mud. Pretty cool.

Enjoy the rest. Go see Bob at the Silver Brewery asap for debriefing.

Thanks and Congratulations

Conratulations on your finishing a couple of days ago. And you did most of it by yourself which is the really impressive thing. Also, thanks for putting Paul and the gang up at your flat - that's really kind of you and if we can every reciprocate please let us know. I think your mum and dad fancies a European pad by the sound of his messages so why not bring them too! Although as Paul can testify, Hurstpierpoint isn't quite the south of France.
We followed your progress with great interest especially as you were the lone dot in front of Paul's group which I kept thinking they might close the gap on but never quite managed. And I loved your messages (you were up there with Paul and Deanna) and the comments from your Aunt Candy who must have spent the whole of the last month glued to the tour divide website even more than me.
Congratulations again,
Catherine (Paul's wife)



Winning Ways

Dr. James K. Thomson, Ph.D--

You sure did show the world how to enjoy the journey and keep a sense of humor. Independent as a hog on ice, worked for you but made the family a little nervous not knowing what was happening out there and you all alone. You just handed it to Jill, see how you are? Make the girls look good on the dance floor! Too bad she was so focused on fast that she missed the Silver City rendevouz with the Brits -- those Ol' Boys sound SO nice!!! You should ride with them next time; they call in and seem to keep their Spots about them.

Hey CONGRATULATIONS!!! -- never a doubt that you would do it. Certain now that you will make something of it. All said and done: Quite Respectable!

Aunt Candy

You did it

My sentiments are similar to Catherine's as that I loved listening to your call ins! You seem like an easy-going, fly-by-the-seat of your pants kind of person that is drawn towards adventures. I was quite jealous of the fact that you live right on the route and were able to help the racers. Since this thing started I have been following it pretty much all day long (I just had a baby 7 weeks ago so instead of thinking..I have to nurse you again, I have thought, "Yes I haven't checked what was going on for 1 hour..so I can check the updates again.)

So all of the riders have become movie stars in some kind of reality tv show called "Tour Divide" with the slogan "who will finish all 2,745 miles...stay tuned to the call ins, follow the riders SPOT and you will find out". Anyways I wish I could met all of you.

Great job!


Hey Jamie

Sorry I missed you in Silver City. Congrats on the finish. Awesome ride eh!. Met the boys at the bike shop. Great bunch. Glad to have spent some time with you back home. Hope to see you again. Keep in touch.

Blaine Nester

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