Jill called in from Grants

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Good Spirits


Now that you're fueled again and nearing the finish, I guess Jamie isn't going to catch up after all (doggone slacker, fooling around with bugs and snakes, and taking the race all generally in stride so's not to tire his steed). He had his chance while you were feeling so awful, but you're amazing the way you just keep cranking. You gutted it out gracefully.

Sorry you aren't so enchanted with New Mexico -- you didn't exactly take an easy route and the weather wasn't so fair as usual. Hope you can come back with time to take some much more fun rides sometime. You're just getting a glimpse of corners of the Jemez and the Gila, and your lenses may be a little clouded after all you've been through. Relax and enjoy your Victory cruise to the Mexico border -- you're so close! All American Girl -- Happy 4th of July Freedom on your bicycle and Being Independent on the open backroads! Keep Smiling!

Jamie's Aunt Candy

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