Jill calls in from the finish!

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What a Ride!

Congratulations, Jill --

You made a consistent, persistent push all the way! I've been admiring your Spot work toward the finish constantly for weeks; and all the women in Jamie's family were buzzing and aching in sympathy to support you as you stayed ahead of him state after state, calling into give us all updates on various REAL Wheeling Feelings, fatigue, and miserable conditions -- and yet you were always moving on. Fabulous endurance! So sorry there was no one at the border to wave you across the finish -- but we saw the Split Board record your time almost as soon as you made it. Celebrate your ride!

Jamie's Aunt Candy


Congrats Jill,

I've been telling everyone in Idaho Falls about your race in my outdoor column. Now I can tell them that you're world famous -- at least in certain circles.
Way to hang tough. What an inspiration. You almost make me want to give the race a try, if I could find a way to squeeze in another hobby next to climbing, hiking and casual biking. If you're ever in this area, stop in, I'd love to chat. Maybe I could do a cool story (or you could) for the paper -- just like old times.


Dear Jill:
You were so awesome! Congratualtions from Deanna Adams' Mom and Family and family!

Fourth of July

Dear Jill:
I really enjoyed your Fourth of July account about the Thunder storms.
Your description of the surrounding storms and then the sun set was beautifully described.
Thank you!
Deanna Adams' Mom and Dad and Family




Even though my mom already posted 2 comments on here (I guess you could say that we check the updated blog posts pretty often :) ) I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your determination to finish this and set the new woman record! What a great accomplishment. Man, I lived near by I would have set off fireworks, played "you are the Champion" and dumped a cooler of ice over you, as you crossed the finish line.

Congrats and thanks for being an inspirational woman!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Way to go Jill !!!

I have been following you for a couple of years. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Even though you tell your stories exceedingly well, I doubt that many really understand what you have been through during the last three and a half weeks. There had to be times when you just stood out there in the miserable conditions and shouted, "What am I doing here?" Great perseverance and determination. Wow! I can hardly wait to hear your thoughts after you have rested a bit. I hope you write before the emotion I've heard in your voice of late wears off.
Congratulations on your record ride!

Jill Homer, Tour Divide Record Holder.

How does it sound?

Congratulations Jill! You

Congratulations Jill! You are such an inspiration! No matter what was happening to you or around you, you showed determination, focus, and push during the entire race. It was a pleasure to "meet" you through the TD and follow your steps along the course daily. And you set a new course record for women!
Congratulations again on your great race!
(Rick Ashton's friend from Havana, FL)


Congratulations Jill,
I have followed you vicariously through your Iditarod races, read your book and now for the last 24 days. You are a true inspiration for everyone setting goals and trying to achieve them. Soak in your victory, you deserve it.

Michael (Houston, TX)


Jill, we've followed you closely, and we have the keenest appreciation for your spirit and guts. I especially want to thank you for allowing me to stay sane tracking you and your fabulous call-ins, because there were a few times we "lost" Jamie! Amazing feat. Go Girl, Go!!!

Jamie's sister and nieces in Albuquerque, NM

You rock!

But you knew that already! Glad you made it, congrats on the CR!

Well Done Jill!!!!!

Way to go girl!!!!
Sooo much admiration for you..


Awesome ride, Jill! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed [almost] all your time out there.


Well done!

Congratulations! I have enjoyed following your progress and your blogs and so delighted you have made it- you have been inspirational in your determination and persistence. Full of admiration for you. Enjoy a well deserved rest!



Even though I pull out in Wyoming, I have been following all the call-ins since. Your blogs have been exceptionally candid and enjoyable to listen to. You really had a race you can be proud of. Enjoy your memories.



Hey Jill, we have so enjoyed following you and your extraordinary ride. You are truly a great inspiration. We love your home state so much that we were married in Sitka one year ago. All the best to you. Terry and Helen, Salida,Co.


A Big Congratulations from the English Tour Divide fans for a monumental ride and despite all that WEATHER you always sounded so calm and cool - it was a pleasure to listen to your call-ins. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed following you and the other riders.
Catherine (Paul Howard's wife)
ps not sure how you kept ahead of Jamie all that time but then again if you spend all your time talking to bugs (and yourself) you can't expect to catch up the super-woman ahead of you.

Hi Jill Congratulations, I'm

Hi Jill Congratulations,
I'm a friend of Eric Bruntjen and I have been following you to. You really went through a lot but came through it all with a bang. We could really hear the emotion in your voice when you spoke about the rider that got hit by the truck it was almost as if we were there. Our prayers went up for him I hope he is OK. Jill you did a great job and it was great listening to you.

Hi, JIll, Congratulations!

Hi, JIll,

Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment!

Thanks for keeping our son, John company for about a week or so. I know I felt better knowing that he was with someone else, especially since you were the one to call in and say where you both were.

We don't have to tell you how tough this race is and you surmounted all the difficulties that were thrown at you. This was John's 4th try and I don't remember a race where the weather was so terrible.

Well done!

Tom and Lucy Nobile

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