Jill calls in with some final thoughts

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Highest recommendation

Jill, Congratulations on a very strong ride and rewriting the record books. It says a lot that after finishing, you recommend divide racing to others (categorically). I hope you get some rest soon. Drive safe.


Wow, Jill! It was so awesome to see you push through this thing with such strength and determination! You made new tracks for women everywhere! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!
Drive safely--and say hello to the Northern Lights for me when you see them!

you are incredible


Even though you say normal people can do this..I beg to defer. "Normal people" come in all varieties but most do not have the desire to endure all that is necessary to complete the 2,745 miles that you and a few others have. The number one cause for death is the US is heart disease and I believe that is due to a bad diet, lack of exercise, and lack of a positive attitude. Those 3 factors are needed in large to complete the Tour Divide.

I think you are quite humble about your incredible accomplishment and most "normal" people see you riders as SuperHuman! However your encouragement to beckon us "normal" people to do this makes us question whether we could, and the answer is....No. We will just be the commentators who ride our bikes as a daily commute to work, challenge the idea to do a century ride, or go on bike rides on paved trails with our kids in the bike trailer.

Congratulations on accomplishing something most "normal" people never will, and only half of the riders who signed up were able to finish. Not to mention that only a few woman have ever done! I enjoyed listening to your call ins and I found your blog..so maybe I will keep tabs on your upcoming adventures.

Enjoy the Alaska summer!

-Vanessa (Deanna's sister)

see you again?

Are you going to have time to stop in banff again?

love to see you and help you tune your bike again.

Jill I am so glad I went back

Jill I am so glad I went back to this site and checked it again. You are such an incredible person and you should be proud to be in the Tour Divide record book. I fill honored that we have you to represent us as woman in this great book.

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