John Fettis calls in from Grants

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Hi this is John Fettis, calling in from Grants, New Mexico.

Just had a fairly straight forward run down the road alternative this morning, down the Chacoh route, and I've just re-stocked in Walmart ready for a long stretch without so much food and water. Heading out for Pie Town this afternoon.

The weather is pretty hot and humid, and there is quite a lot of cloud building up so I'm just hoping we're not going to be in for any more thunderstorms this afternoon - it looks like a possibility at the moment.

I've lost touch with the rest of the group that I was riding with here, but I guess we'll see one or two of them along the route to Pie Town this afternoon.

OK that's all bye for now, see ya.

Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


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