Kurt calls in from Milan

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Hey, Kurt here. I am in Milan, right outside Grants. Couldn't quite make it past the Dairy Queen into Grants, Dairy Queen just looked too good. The ride here was a challenge, to say the least. Took me a few hours to get down this morning from where I camped last night, up above Abiquiu, through the Rainbow Gathering. They were all asleep still, so that was kind of amusing to see. There were a ton of cars, but nobody to be seen anywhere, almost. Got a little food in Abiquiu, and headed off for the 125 miles of pavement, or 120, or whatever it is. Had a tailwind for a little bit, then a headwind for a while, then for the last 60 miles I was in a large storm the entire time with a headwind until the very end. It just was pounding everything. I actually managed to stay fairly dry with my rain gear on, amazingly. Everything around town, to say the least, is flooded. The fields are flooded, I was crossing rivers that were flowing across the road that were as deep as my knee in places. A lot of water came down out of that, so I'm curious to see what the route down toward pie town is going to be like.  So I'm going to push on in a little bit here after I get some food and dry off. hopefully things improve a bit, I don't know, we'll see. Alright, later.


The end is in sight, Kurt.

The end is in sight, Kurt. We're still cheering for you.
Love, Aunt Diane

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