Matthew Lee First Racer to Reach the Mexico Border at Antelope Wells

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On Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 9:45am, Matthew Lee became the first `09 Tour Divide racer to reach at the Antelope Wells border crossing. This makes back-to-back TD victories for Matthew, 4 Divide racing wins overall and his 6th finish.

His elapsed time of 17 days, 23 hours & 45 min. fell just short of his `07 Full route record (17d:21h:10m). Given this year's consistently bad weather, poor route conditions and additional 34 miles through the Flathead, it is an impressive finish. Matt described his final day as a "total slog," complete with unexpected storms and sloppy mud. He even lost an hour after going back for lost eyewear in the desert north of Separ.

Despite Matthew falling short of the overall record, four racers remain on record pace in the face of the continued inclement conditions. Chris Plesko is poised to break the singlespeed record and Jill Homer is still on pace to take the female record sometime in the next week. We also look forward to Jay & Tracey Petervary establishing a tandem record tonight. Deanna Adams, who seems to be steadily making her way down the Rockies, can also establish a benchmark for fixed-gear bikes is she finishes.



I get to be the first person to wish Matthew Lee a big CONGRATS!!! I am so impressed with your determination and stamina to get this thing done. The amount of hours and miles you put in each day is amazing..not many people can do what you did..just the few of you who make it to Mexico.

Hope you are able to get a massage soon!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Absolutely incredible.

Absolutely incredible. Congratulations Matthew Lee!

WOW Congats to you! You

WOW Congats to you! You don't even look tried can't believe how any of you can do this Race We are just waiting for are friend Eric Bruntjen it is his first time. We were so hoping you would best your last years record you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

truly awesome, Matthew!

What a joy to see you tackle the divide again! And with such persistence and grace! Nicely done, my friend!! Congratulations!!

Way to go Matthew, you

Way to go Matthew, you inspire me. I often found myself in the late evenings while I was working around the yard wondering what it was like to be you still out "there" on his bicycle pushing forward towards a goal.

Thanks to those who do all the work to bring this website to life and gives us a place to follow.

Matthew of course

Mr Lee,

What a deal. I was getting worried about you getting passed at the last but it just did not happen. You had some great riders following you. The weather was a killer and still you kept going. Good job buddy. I've been watching the race everyday and it's just hard to believe that many miles can be covered on a mountain bike in so short a time. Again, great job Matthew.


Awesome Matt!!!

Congrats, you rock dude. What an achievement in those conditions. Love what you did over the years promoting the Canadian prologue and integrating it into the larger Tour Divide, making the "holy grail" of the MTB endurance racing in the world. Thanks Matt!!!

Awesome Job!

All you folks are just so damn inspiring. Huge congrats to Matthew and it'll be great to see those other records fall. I'm sure most sane people are saying "I could never do that" but watching y'all slog through this has made me sure that I have to do this one more time. See you in 2010.

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson

Awesome Kent, enjoyed your

Awesome Kent, enjoyed your insight you gave when you spoke to Joe at mtbcast.

Look forward to your next mountain turtle write up too! :)

Kicking Ass

I loved watching the enire race unfold. It gave me hope that there's more out there than just being a desk jocky. Matthew Lee you're a bad ass and I have to get off mine!

King of the Mountain GDMBR- 6 times over!!!!!!!!!

It was great to get a photo with you up in Banff! I told my girls this guy woould eventually be the winner. You have done an awesome job spearheading and organizing this event. You and Kevin Montgomery deserve the highest of marks!!!!!!!!!!

The addition of the Flatheads is awesome. It adds at least 4-6 houurs (34 miles) onto the route over more difficult terrain.

Milage covered/Time is still a course record for any year!

Kevin Hall

Way to go!!!

Congratulations Matt!!! Another totally awesome ride!!



Great job, Matthew! This has been a fantastic race this year.

Jason from

Congrats from Butte

From the entire staff at the Outdoorsman in Butte,MT congrats for a truely Epic journey! Now rest up and recover.
Rick Smith, Rob Leipheipher, and Joanne Nordhagen

Well done

Great job Matthew, truly an epic ride. One more and you will have tied my record.

Lance Armstrong.


Watched everyday, had no doubt you would trounce...look forward to meeting you. I live in Raleigh and am going to do that route in a few to talk to you about it.
Steve Leonard

Serious respect! To you and

Serious respect! To you and all those who follow. This ain't no "follow me in the motor home and hand me up a bottle" race. This is the Tour Divide Baby!

Congratulations Matt.

Congratulations Matt. Awesome job. Legend!


Nice job Matt!!!! Smokin' time as always! Way to push through the fantastically crappy weather.

-Marni Plesko


Dear Matthew:
Congratulations! You are awesome and amazing!
Sincerely, Debbie and Mark Adams (Deanna's Mom and Dad)

Congrats from Banff

Matthew - what a ride, you had the whole town of banff pulling for you.

Michelle, Finn and I were absolutely delighted to hear you won!

Til next time.



Hi Matt,
I met you in Breck at Starbucks. My husband was riding Kenosha pass and wasn't back in town yet and I decided to take a chance and ask you if you had been riding that day and knew the trail conditions since you looked like a pretty hardcore biker. I was so impressed to learn that you were doing this race! Later when I reconnected with my husband and told him that I had met you he was shocked and soooooo jealous! He wished that I would have passed the phone over to you so that he could have talked to you. You were so humble about your position and didn't boast at all about the difficulty of the race. That says a lot about your character.

Congratulations on your epic ride and for your first place finish! It was great to meet you and to be able to follow your progress. You rock!

You rock!

Hats off to you once again big bro! You really are amazing. Congrats on a great race and unbelieveable finish time.

Love, Ben and Rachel


Hey Matthew,
Congratulations and thanks yet again. A bit late but just catching up on the blog.

That was one awesome final call-in with the air force fly past perfectly timed.



Hi Matthew, like John a bit late but a big Well Done!