Paul calls in from Horca

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Hello! This is Paul calling in from Horca, or Orca as the locals seem to call it; er Salida isn't "Saleeda" but SalIda" as in "saliva" and Del Norte isn't "Del NortA" just "Del Nort" - the "e" must be silent. Anyway up over Indiana Pass today which was quite a thrill really (11,910'). Rod, Seaford's very own "Mr. Cycles", I would like to enter my Marin Nail Trail 29er(?) in the world's highest mountain bike competition. I know that there's some other competition for that title at the moment but at least we may be equal first. Anyway "touch wood!", which is what I'm doing right now, it's doing me proud, but I did think that I may have to call you out to help me with punctures. I didn't need any help as such but I just got fed up with doing them as I had three two days ago. I know your repair service normally only goes as far as Lewes and Ringmer in Sussex in the UK but if you fancied a trip to the Rockies I was about to call. The tyre has subsequently held good, the tube that is, so you may not get your trip to the Rockies after all. What else? We're staying in a very nice camp site tonight near Horca. The ACA maps are wrong as there's no motel or other accommodation in Horca itself so we are about a mile down the road, and a very pleasant gent at the campsite found us a spot even though it was full and let us stay there, use the showers and use the laundry. So that will prep us us for a big day through to Abiquiu tomorrow. Then maybe down to the flatlands after that and then hopefully as long as we are resilient to the heat we'll make it to the finish in a few days after that. O.K. that's as far as we dare look and I'll try and ring shortly. Thanks to all the people who have sent messages that I haven't been able to acknowledge via the internet. I haven't had the chance to look at any computer since Pinedale I don't think. So thanks very much. It does help with the motivation. I can certainly tell you that. O.K. bye for now. Hello! Paul again. Just wanted to say thanks to Gary and Patty for putting us up last night in Del Norte. It kind of refreshed us in a way that only being in somebody's very comfortable house can do; so we were psychologically refreshed even if physically still getting a little bit fatigued. Bye.


Great news, Paul! The

Great news, Paul! The Wheatley has shrugged off the demolishers and developers and has re-opened in swanky style this week just in time for sufficient reconnaissance trips to ensure its suitability for celebrating your daring deeds in the not too distant future. That, or maybe the Ba'tat, as an appropriate mirage in the deserts of New Mexico?
You've made fantastic progress with a great bunch of lads! New Mexico is bound to be really tough but you can do it! You KNOW you can do it! Remember those days in France when the heat had wiped you out only for you to be up and on the go again by 4.00am the next day. You show 'em again!

Love from Dad and the legions in the White Rose county following and supporting you .



I'm really proud you man. You seem to be holding up great and you still have a good attitude. Take it easy in the heat because I know you are not use to it. Carry lots of water thru the long sections because it will be hard to find.


Go Uncle Paul, Go!!

You're going great guns, well done you!! Keep up the fantastic effort, you've inspired me to put the running shoes back on properly now and have discoverd that singing 'Thomas and his Friends' over and over....and over....and over, takes the pain away, it could help in the final days?!!!!
C,T,C&S x

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