Paul calls in from Pinedale

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Hello everybody.  This is Paul calling in from Pinedale....where the deer and the antelope play on the Wyoming ranges, but not the grizzly bears I hope or at least all the guidance says grizzly bears don't roam....or roam as far south as Pinedale.  How they know they're only allowed to go as far as Pinedale I don't know.  Anyway, we've seen off the grizzlies, only the black bears to go....and the moose...and the mountain lions...and the rattlesnakes and tarantulas...oh well, what joy.

Message to Molly....glad you're wobbly tooth has come out that Mummy successfully operated on.  Message to everybody else who's been leaving me messages on the blog, which is that I've finally found out a way of realising that you're doing that and even answering some of them and thanks very really does help.   Erm, that's it...

Over Union Pass today - it all seemed very tough...we all felt very lethargic.  Maybe it was the altitude or maybe it was the fact that it was a late day yesterday.  But that's three 100 or 100+ mile days and hopefully the flatlands over here in the next couple of days mean we'll get some mileage coverage so hopefully we can get to the finish and hopefully get to the finish in time for Per to be able to fly home.  That's it from me.  I don't know when I might ring again as we'll probably be camped in the middle of the Basin somewhere tomorrow, maybe from Rawlins or from somewhere after that....and my goodness, we might make it Colorado.  Bye


Well done

I can't believe you're still going, and at quite a pace, for a non-mountain biker. And more weirdly ...I can't believe I'm actually excited about the prospect of you being away for another 3 weeks just so you can get all the way to the finish. Well done, my lovely. Don't forget to enjoy all that amazing scenery (I believe "awesome" is the correct term if you are a native of the US). I can't begin to imagine what it's like so take lots of photos please

love Catherine

all terrain crutches

Hi Paul, we are watching your progress daily,and can't begin to imagine how tough it must be, a true epic, hope the weather stays kind, with no more mud....
As for me the garden has become my personal challenge,can be tricky when wet though....!
Stay with it. Alan & Norma.


We are following are on ouir site now....what fame!!!!
Keep pressing on!!!

That's a lot of miles!

It all sounds like a lot of fun and truly amazing, even with the bugs and slightly larger bugs/animals you mentioned! Charlie and Sophie love their postcard and when they had your adventures explained to them, Charlies response was, 'what Uncle Paul doing?!' You're going great guns, keep at it!

Don't stop now!

Can't believe you're actually half way - what an achievement! We've been watching your progress from France, but have only just realised that we can do this now we've arrived in Sussex and had Catherines expert help. Good luck with the next stages, no more bears now hopefully, love Mum and David.
PS - Manoir de Toualleron was great, and full of cyclists!

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