Paul calls in from Rawlins

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Hello! Captain's log. Star date 27/06/09. This is Captain Jean Luc Paul Howard of the HMS Tour Divide here along with crewmates Per, Trevor and Stephen. We've made it. We've all crawled into Rawlins, having crossed the Great Divide Basin today, which was pretty successful in the sense that we did it quite quickly but it was kind of sapping so we're now looking to explore new territories further south. Hopefully going boldly into Colorado tomorrow having crossed half way. We also met some natives today: Joe, Tucker and Jason. Joe and Tucker were horses. Jason was a genuine cowboy who shared some of his whisky with me last night and some of his coffee this morning, and made me feel a lot better for the storm, which we initially endured out of the Basin today, and which threatened to tear our tents away but fortunately it decided to leave them with us. So hopefully off to Colorado tomorrow and hopefully going to make it there before Matthew Lee finishes because then we can say we were only one state behind him. This is Captain Jean Luc Paul Howard. Over and Out.


Go Paul Go!

Hi Paul,
Glad to see and hear you doing so well. Not a bad effort for a roadie. Keep it going. You may like to know that, whilst you and your Marin Nail Trail have successful dodged such things as bears and mountain lions, last Sunday my Marin Sausalito and I successfully dodged such things as kids with water pistols, cars AND (the most dangerous) pedestrians! Yes, I successfully completed the London to Brighton bike ride.
A quick pint of Harvey's beer at a Turners Hill watering hole saw me successfully scale the dizzy height of Ditchling Beacon. Once at the top I got back on my bike and coasted into Brighton. A great cycling day was rounded off with a Father's Day curry and then home to bed.
Now you've warmed up with the Tour Divide perhaps we could do the London to Brighton together next year? No need to bring your tent, and I promise to wait for you at the top of Ditchling Beacon!
Seriously though, big respect to you Yorkie. Keep those wheels rolling.
All the best,
Rod (aka Mr Cycles)

Scotties Message

If the going gets too tough Captain, let me know and I'll beam you up and then down again to Antelope Wells. Don't ask too soon as the engines are shot to pieces, what with all the mud and rain, so we won't reach warp speed for several days. Bones recommends medicinal red wine, in quantity. If nothing else it will numb any remaining senses that you have.

Our thoughts are with you and our eyes are on you all the time.

ps The whole of Sidmouth is watching, with amazement


Hi Paul

TD withdrawal symptoms last week whilst on Colonsay but now back with the several times daily fix. Great that you're doing so well and no longer on your keep going and ENJOY!


Paul "I now have no problem


"I now have no problem with access to the hotel's guest internet as everybody is wanting to know how you are getting on including Pam whose grandson is a world triathalon champion and really appreciates the level of your achievement. Bravissimo da tutti in Italia!"

Earlier message repeated not so much because it was particularly great but because it didn't eventually show up until page 12 on the blog. There is great drama ahead and behind you - particularly Deanna and Jill. Also one of the front runners (or maybe more appropriately "bike carriers") is thinking of using stuff in his tyres to autoseal them to cope with the thorns in Arizona (just a thought). Finally what I hope is a good omen - I saw Leonardo's wooden bike in Vinci last week and saw that his birthday is the same as yours. Lots of love and the very best of good fortune.


Paul Apologies re sealant in


Apologies re sealant in tyres - it was New Mexico not Arizona (Erik).


Best call-in. From the "land

Best call-in. From the "land of enchantment" we are hoping riders experience some joy with the work. It's our Uncle Jamie we're following, but the stories from all make it richer. Yes, beware the thorns in NM, but we believe the real shocker will be the Rainbow Family in the Jemez. They apparently group in larger numbers than antelope or elk. Another not-well-known American Fest. Good travels!!

Jamie's albuquerque girls


You are doing great. Good to hear that you have some follow racers to ride with. I was not strong enough to keep up with you in the early days. Last I saw you was in Eureka. Have a great last half of the race.

"Old Man" Rick

Go Ton-Ton Go!

Dear Ton-Ton Paul,

Daddy's been keeping us up to date on your adventures. Menno says you're the craziest uncle he's got (and there's some fairly stiff competition there) - his message to you: 'Keep pedalling'. Marnix, on the other hand obviously thinks you're not crazy enough. He thinks the finish line should be in Africa - at least the weather might be better.

We're all behind you. (Some way behind you.)

Crazy Menno and Mad Ma(rni)x.

Yey! Go Ton Ton!

Hello Paul,

We have no idea what the Tour Divide Basin is but think it's great that you've crossed it! Hope the weather has improved, but not too much because you wouldn't want to be cycling in the temperatures we're having in Sussex today (36 degrees!).

I have told everybody I meet about your mud and train episodes and they all, bar none, think you are stark-raving bonkers! I am very jealous of you sharing whiskey with a cowboy - was he very attractive? Hope you took a photo!

Keep going! The Forsters are with you all the way!


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