Paul calls in from Sargents

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Hello. This is Paul calling from Sargents where we've found a beautiful cabin to stay in and we've got a lovely restaurant to eat in. Its been quite a gruelling day what with one thing and another. I don't know why but I had the blues a bit this morning and I was very tired. I think it was just general fatigue catching up and was very tempted by the idea of stopping in Salida but part of me realised that if I did stop in Salida I would probably have difficulty getting going tomorrow morning. So I kept going with the boys who were very enthusiastic and encouraging. We made it despite a big thunderstorm and rainstorm over Marshall's Pass. Hopefully Del Norte tomorrow and maybe a bit of karaoki in the bar this evening to cheer our spirits. O.K. Bye from me.


Don't stop now!

Hi Paul. Just heard your latest blog from Sargents (sure thats not the right spelling!) - keep going you're, doing fantastically well. Sorry you were feeling a bit blue, thank goodnes you're riding with others and not on your own, which would be very difficult I'm sure. We're off to Wales for the weekend in SAL, but we'll keep in touch with Catherine until we get access to the computer again on Monday. Lots and lots of love, we're right behind you, Mum and David

Apologies to the locals

I don't know whether Stephen, Trevor and Per come up trumps on the muscial front but I would like to apologise to the locals at Sargents saloon for letting Paul air his vocal cords publicly - this may have been at worse very painful and at best very amusing (I hope it was the latter). Let's hope the other 3 were tuneful and loud enough to hide what can only be called Paul's "unique" singing style. I'm a bit worried he may have karaoke-ed Tom Jones!

Catherine (his biggest fan on the non-singing front)

ps I think that may be why Steve McGuire had to withdraw - Paul apparently sang to him in the pouring rain from Butte to Wise River....that's a long road.

Stay with it Paul.

Easy for me to say from my seat in the garden, but we are still rooting for you, and hope tomorrow the road will look shorter. Good luck. Alan, Norma & Family.

doing great

Paul you are one of our favorites to follow, my little boy liked your "funny voice" (russian) call in. I'm glad you have other riders to keep you going. Keep the call-ins coming!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Carpe diem

Keep going big man you're doing great - and all good stuff for the book I'm sure.

PS I got bored of marking up leases today, and having seen some of your other blogs I thought I'd come up with another ditty to help you on your way, so I composed the following for you which is really really bad (!) but thought it would make you laugh! Here goes:

Ode to a cyclist

There once was a Great Divide cycliste, name of ‘Oward,
through mountains, dale and basins his legs were empowered,
by desire to keep pedalling and push the limits,
to report of endurance and profound new friendships .

He bore down on the ultimate goal with zeal,
Though the wind rain and hail were ever so real,
The light at the end of the tunnel was slowly increased,
And lo - journeys end! Return to the family back East.

Arrivederci for now - not that far to go and good luck!


With Hope in your heart...!

Feelin' blue? Singing the blues? Keep on rolling you big northern softy!

Rod (aka Mr Cycles)

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