Paul calls in from Silver City

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Have just looked at your SPOT and it looks like you're only 10 miles off finishing. WAHOO! The Forsters are in awe of you and wish we had your determination/willpower/stamina. I went for a 3 mile run today and it nearly killed me and Guy did a 15 mile cycle yesterday - he was very excited to have gone so far. So we can't imagine how you're feeeling after 2700. You are UNBELIEVABLE!

Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo

Glad you got to stay with Jamie - he sounded like a hoot (if a little loose at the seams but that's what the TD does to you I guess)

Catherine- I happen to know

Catherine- I happen to know that Jamie is NOT a little loose and that TD had nothing to do with it.

Catherine - to clarify

I believe my parents meant to suggest that the TD had nothing to do with Jamie's philosophical expression and relation to life, and we'd lovingly suggest that he's a bit more than a little loose around the seams. Staying tightly packaged would be exactly what he works away from.

I greatly enjoyed Paul's calls, and I imagined the fun Jamie would have with him - I'm glad they had the opportunity!

Best to your family,

Anne and girls

keep it up

I'm very proud of the three of you!
I spent several hours in the ER(with the dregs or the universe). They gave me antibiotics for giardia; I think they're working.


Just heard from Catherine that you've finished - well done superman, what a fantastic achievement! Have a good rest now, see you soon, lots of love, Mum and David (Hopefully I can sleep now as well).


Congratulations Paul. Mission accomplished, without the aid of Scott Tracy and T2.Well done you!
Now for the second part of the task, recounting your adventures for your book. Happily this will involve no mud, no rainstorms, no excessive temperatures and definitely no bears, although it might be wise to put the bear bell on your desk in case of wandering teddies!
I'm sure Ian will keep us posted about the publication date. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all,

Great Result,
All the Best,
The Craigs.

Well done Paul. Cruel end for

Well done Paul. Cruel end for Per.

what happened to per

whers per?



I'm so glad to see you have completed your goal and finished in great style. It was a pleasure riding with you the first few days of the race. I hope your journey home is quick and I know your family is can't wait to have you back. Super race for you.


Que Viva !!!

Paul-- Long Live British Bicyclists !!!

Especially those who brave an outlaw's den! That Badman Lonesome James did not post a final call-in, leaving his women folks frantic even at the last. We had faith, and trusted that he made it back to the roost, but only you verified by Being With. Catherine can be assured that you were in the company of a True Gentleman, Wild West style. Congratulations to you and your compatriots on conquering the Continental Divide. I hope this morning's ride will live in a lovely memory of the full moon setting in a peaceful desert sunrise.

Jamie's Aunt Candy

Paul- What an adventurer you

Paul- What an adventurer you are. Stayed the night at Jamie's in Silver City , did you? I'd never riskstn6 that! -and for good reason, too! Now that you have reached the end of this tour, congratulations!!! Now, just take your bike and picnic in France. You deserve a break. It just occurred to me that whenever we come back from Europe, our customs or homeland security always inquires whether or not we have been in contact with French or English Bovine environments. How in the world do you expect to get past English customs considering where you have been this past month? Good luck. We really enjoyed following your adventure in the New World. We will miss you.

Jamie's dad



Do they sell maltloaf in New Mexico?

Well done Paul! Fantastic effort. Just wondering whether you were able to fuel yourself with maltloaf en route like you did on the Tour. Somehow I doubt it... Still, I'm looking forward to hearing what Anquetil rating you give to the various meals you had on the way down. Whatever you have now that you've finished you deserve it.
And yes, what happened to Per?

Hasta la Vista New Mexico

Congrats Paul - fine effort methinks. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it in the book. Spotted a picture of you on the Flickr website - mentions something about bearspray!

Anyway, hope to catch up soon and well done.


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