Pete Basinger injured

Hey Folks,

I'm about to post up some audio from Jill Homer. She was descending Indiana Pass last night and came upon a couple of ambulances. Apparently, Pete was descending the pass and was struck head on by a truck! She managed to speak to him and he seemed to be in relatively good spirits. I have nothing other than this message and I will post it shortly. Since this happened last night some of you may have further information. Healing vibes and well wishes for Pete!




Every positive thought and prayer is going out to Pete now. Heal quick, Pete!

Oh gosh...

Healing vibes and prayers pete's way from the dude in Colorado...

It's up!

You can go listen to Jill's call.

Well wishes sent your way

wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.

Pete was released from a

Pete was released from a hospital in Pueblo last night. That's a very good sign. The word is that he has broken bones in his arms, but no critical injuries.

Definitely big healing vibes to Pete. What a terrible way to end what was a solid divide racing effort.

Until the accident, Pete was matching record pace at nearly every split, even with major setbacks like a taco'd wheel, broken fork and of course, this year's nasty rain/mud.


Pete is not listed on the leaderboard. Was he doing ITTD or something else? Why is he not part of the TD general Classification? It sounds like he would have spiced up the leading group if he had started with TD.

Yes, an ITT in the old,

Yes, an ITT in the old, original style.

Hope you are OK

I really hope Pete is OK and can keep going... Rich

Awesome news!

Glad to know he's going to be okay!


Must have been one of those real sportsman Mike Curiak is talking about in his blog, driving the truk.

Prayers for Pete!!!!!!!!!!!

Hang tough Pete. You're a great guy and my entire family is praying for your recovery and spirit.

Kevin Hall & Family


hang in there and prayers are going up for you

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