Some final thoughts and thanks from Paul

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Well done daddyonabike

From Molly - please come on home and get these wobbly teeth out. By the way the theme of my party is going to be angels so start planning your outfit now!
From Benjy - I knew you could do it - with a supersporty son like me you couldn't fail to finish the race (and it doesn't matter if you didn't win although I am Matthew Lee's number one fan. He's my favourite after David Beckham).
From Tom Tom - One day can I go on an underground train and then one day can I climb over a train with a bike?
From Freddie - I like pants I don't like pants I like pants I don't like pants. James and Thomas are in my cot tonight so I'm having to squash against the bars which mummy says is a bit silly but I don't want to squash my friends
From me - well done my lovely - I can't wait to hear about it all over a nice cup of Yorkshire tea

Trail Angel

I wonder what a Trail Angel looks like in real life? Certainly it totes a Mochila (saddlebag) of trail mix and spare innertubes. Sounds like a great party. Maybe years gone we'll have such a TD reunion party. With all the Brits on the historical GC, centering a party geographically will require a yacht!

Congrats Paul!


Wow!What an adventure.It was exciting listening to your reports.Great stories for the grandchildren.The best to you and your family.From Ken.

you did it

Congrats on completing all 2,745 miles. I'm sure your children can't wait to see will always be a hero in their eyes! My family enjoyed listening to your call ins and watching your progress.

Have safe travels!

-Vanessa (Deanna's sister)

Great Job Paul

Fantastic on the finish and thanks for the help after my mishap!

Has been great riding with you the past 3 weeks as your drive kept me going when my leg was at its most painfull!


Well Done Mate

Congratulations Paul, great ride! And they tell me you've only had a mountain bike for a few months. You must have some great material.

It's nice to be home with the family and not constantly in a hurry. Enjoy.



Way to go Paul!

Hey! You made it!! I knew you would! (all that talk about 'if we make it...' WAS just nonsense!!)

Congratulations, Paul!!
Nicely Done!!

(see you next time!!) (:

(One helluva) Way To Go!!

Wow! Well done Paul. Mucho respect to you for sucha great achievement. All hail the Howard!



P.S. Don't forget to bring the bike back.

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