Steve calls in to clarify

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Honor code

We have watched and cheered TD racers as they have zoomed through our hometown, Helena. In fact, I will be touring this same route in several weeks... more slowly, but, for for this and a number of other reasons, it is very interesting to watch the race progress.

One of the most impressive aspects of the race is its nature of being solo and based on straight-dealings. The riders integrity, as well as their courage, strength, and willingness to keep on keeping on, makes this a unique event.

If racers violate the trust freely given to them by other racers, they cheat themselves, their fellows, and the race itself. If Steve is correct, this is very disappointing indeed.

C'mon Steve

Keep it up Wilco. Don 't worry about anyone else. They are just cheating themselves. Hope the tunes are OK.

All the best.



It must have been really frustrating to go through all that mud not being able to have your tire spin and see other racers clean not having gone through that part. I would have been really upset as well having someone admit that they were cheating.
Keep up the good work! My son who is 3 enjoys listening to your call ins because of your accent, he says. "Again. again, he's funny!"

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

Well Done and Well Said

Steve, you made your point eloquently and calmy and I can but agree with you. I also agree with the anonymous post above; they are cheating themselves. You will have done the TD and they won't have completed the route. I hope that they get pulled from the race but if not, you have the moral high ground. Good luck with the rest of the race - don't let it get to you!


Shoot !

May the Madonna del Ghisallo forgive them; and may YOU find Peace pedaling in the valleys.

If they try cheating at poker, they'll learn their lesson in the Wild West. This is America, they can ride freely, but they cannot expect R-E-S-P-E-C-T if they take the easy way out. You told them to "Straighten Up and Ride Right" -- Good. Lots of folks all around the world watching what's going on out there!!!

Jamie's Aunt Candy
Los Alamos, New Mexico


Enjoyed your call, Wilco. Those of us who place a high value on integrity are
proud of the racers who race with honour. You are an inspiration to all!

who are you racing for?

steve, don't let the antics of others get to you. the only thing they prove is their own weakness and that reflects badly on them not you. you havent spent those grim winter months in the UK training to be distracted by this so just show them how it should be done (hopefully whilst smiling too).

ps, dry and dusty trails in the uk right now but you probably didnt want to hear that


The Italians realize the

The Italians realize the mistake and so they turn back and redo the correct section, so they aren't disqualified.
Please, think about your race and don't open your mouth for nothing.
An italian...


Perhaps if the riders in question would leave their SPOT units on when they are riding the nasty bits, instead of turning them off, people might be a little less likely to question their integrity. For instance, up to Grant, their SPOT was on; from Grant to Lima, it mysteriously was turned off, so there is no documentation that they rode that muddy mess others suffered through instead of taking the parallel paved route. SPOT was off again during the muddy rail-trail mess between Macks Inn and Warm Springs, where there is a parallel paved section; so no documentation that they rode the rail trail. SPOT off again today just before the off-road section past Brook's Lake. I don't personally know what is happening out there, but the pattern is curious to say the least.

james, i agree with you about

james, i agree with you about the problem of SPOT off. It has been a problem from the beginning of the race!!
Dario's SPOT give signal "only when it want"...and you can see this from the start.
Brunello's SPOT work better, but many times it not give the signal too; in the first day it was changed but it was the same. This SPOTs were given them from the organization becouse they didn't have it.
I would like the see all the road like you, becouse i'm Brunello's son.....but i'm sure that this is a problem that not depend on them.
you can see how much distance there is now between them and the group of racers (Alan...ecc) that saw them "cleaned", i can confirm that they turn back e redo the correct section.
Also my father in a point where there was snow saw only two trails, when there were about 15 racers in front of him....but he didn't say nothing, why? becouse he is not there to create problems and he know well that couldn't win.
say good bye,


Hi Steve

Hey good to hear you but sorry to hear about the circumstances.
As a finisher of the 2007 race I know how hard this will have been to hear.
Channel your anger into the riding and forget them.
I'll try and get a reponse from the race oganisers.

You're doing great in what sounds like tough conditions and not the dusty heat wave that we had in 07.

your accent

I like your accent too and I'm much older than 3 , not to mention being English as well,

Keep pedalling

Catherine (also known as teamaker at campsites on the South Downs Way - but no sugar available)

ps I'm afraid I still like Italian accents too though

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