Tracey called in to say they made it!

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Good morning, this is T-Race, um, Jay, myself, and the Love Shack are now in Demming. We finished up at Antelope Wells last night at 10 til 12. Oh, it was a great, wild day, it was a…hard push to the finish there and just hurried up and tried to get it done. Of course we got stuck in nasty headwind and um, some rain but fortunately we saw Kurt and Maggie and they met us at the finish, and um, gave us a ride back up to Demming. Just want to say thanks to JayP for being an awesome captain and the best husband I could ever ask for. We had great times, great experiences. Also wanted to thank John…thanks for the Skins, they really helped the recovery, and um, Mike C., thanks for building these bomber wheels…you obviously know what they went through and they held up and did a great job. So uh, yeah, I guess this is it, and um, here’s to the king sized section of the candy isle…there’s so many great things out there that went down and hopefully we’ll have a little recap about the whole episode and we’re really happy to be done, and um, alright…til’ next time. Thanks everybody.


Great job!

What an accomplishment for you 2 to finish this on a tandem. You guys rode strong and are an inspiration to all couples who want to accomplish a task like this!

-Vanessa (Deanna Adams sister)

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