Tracey calls in from Cuba

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Hello, this is Tracey calling in from Cuba, and JayP, and a yeah, we had a really good morning…really good night, really good morning, and did lots of climbing, and the downhill…got all that section coming off that pass from…where were we yesterday…forget the name of the town where we were…oh, Abiquiu. Yeah all that area up there was really cool, slept good, there was a nice camping area up there to sleep and then woke up early and finished up the pass and then uh, holy rainbow gathering…that was pretty wicked. There was like hundreds and hundreds of rainbow people and patchouli and dreads and all that kind of stuff going on. I think I got cut off but uh, we’re in Cuba, we’re gonna head out to Grants, seems like there is a 140 miles of roads so Jay and I are hopefully going to rock that and keep it moving forward. The food…I guess it kind of hard for Jay, he keeps eating and eating and eating and is getting skinnier. So um, that’s going on for him, I am doing fine, yeah, uh, it’s been fun, so uh, just moving forward, heading to the border, and thinking about everybody who has been supporting us and watching us and we definitely thank you for all that and appreciate all that. So, I don’t know, I guess that is it for now and we’ll talk to you soon.


Almost Done?

You two are amazing!!! So glad you're both doing ok, you are both in our prayers, GO LOVESHACK!!!


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