Trevor calls in from Cuba

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Hello, this is Trevor Browne calling from Cuba.  We arrived kinda evening-ish. Had a nice big bacon cheeseburger with extra cheese and bacon just to fill us up.  Been a really hard past 2 days in New Mexic.o Probably the hardest for me anyways, for the whole tour. Roads are really super bumpy, muddy, trashed, full of lava. Anything you can think of has been thrown on the trail for us, but we've got through. Weather has been kind of off and on as well. We've gone through 3 thunder and lightening storms with hail today.  Yesterday, another thunderstorm. We also encountered New Mexico mud which is not so pleasant up on Bell Grande.  It's almost up there with Lima mud, but we made it through.  We met up with the Rainbow tribe today which os pretty interesting.  We are fitting in with our nice long beards now, so didn't look too out of place.  Smelled just about the same as everyone else.  Other than that, we're headed up to Grant tomorrow. I think it's mostly pavement so it should be a bit faster for us.  We lost Stephen back in Abecue, feeling quite sick to his stomach. Hopefully he gets better.  He's taking a day of rest there, but we had to head on. Maybe in the future he will join up with us.  Wish him the best, hope he gets well soon.  Looks like this might be our last week  Maybe in the next four or five days we'll be done.  Looking forward to not wearing biking shorts anymore, and biking shoes and to wearing normal clothes for once.  This is Trevor Browne signing out from Cuba. I hope everyone is well, and I'll talk to you soon.  Bye.

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It's always great to hear from you Trevor/Bear.
The finish line will soon be in sight! Enjoy you last
days of this amazing journey.
See you soon.


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