The Riders & Their Bikes... (due to popular request)

OK, here's a table of the riders and their bikes (as self-reported). Compare, contrast and be edified!


Aillaud, Brian              Specialized Hardtail 26"

Arnold, Mathew          Gary Fisher 29er hard-tail

Baker, Forest              Salsa Mamasita - 29er, hardtail

Billman, Jon               Siren John Henry 29er (SS)

Bird, Marshal             Carver Ti, 29er

Blumenthal, Dave       Niner Air9 (hardtail 29er)

Borstmayer, Robin       Niner AIR 9 - fully rigid

Bruntjen, Eric             HT 29er

Butler, Cricket            2010 Gary Fisher Superfly 29'er

Christiansen, Reid      Gary fisher Cobia 29er

Crosby, Grant             Gary Fisher, hardtail, 29er

Dawe, Heather            Ira Ryan 29r rigid SS ratio 32:18

Dean Kevin                 Niner Air 9 Hardtail with a Rock Shox Reba xx

Domecq, Christina       Giant 29er

Faeth, Pete                  Fisher Rig, SS (generally 32/17ish)

Fogg, Phillip               Niner SIR 9, Geared

Foster, Brett               DeSalvo custom Ti converted to 3X6

Foster, John               hardtail titanium, front suspension, 29er

Gibney, Michael         Moots 29er

Gilbert, Devian           Hunter 29er, rigid

Harding, Aidan           Singular Swift 29er, 32:18 (SS)

Helms, Jim                 Homemade steel 29er HT

Huddle, Sephen          Gary Fisher Ziggurat Hardtail, 26, Rohloff

Huston, Tony              2007 Orbea Alma 29er Hardtail

Johnsrud, Jacob          Cutters Quarry Worker, Hardtail, Rigid Fork,

Kerby, Jeff                   Rigid, 29 In---Built by Chauncey Matthews

Lee, Matthew               Cannondale Flash 29er Hardtail

Lobeck, Erik                 Moots softtail 29er [updated]

Marcoe, Suzanne          Custom Steel DeSalvo 650b

Marr, Bob                       1989 fully rigid Giant Sedona 26r

Matthews, Chauncey        Geared 29er, Custom (of course), rigid fork

Moczynski, Bob          29er Gunnar(shoulda bought the Moots)

Moriarty, Tom            Salsa Mamasita (hardtail 29er)

Nelson, Eric               Vassago Bandersnatch, fully rigid geared 29er.

Nester, Blaine            Cannondale 29er hardtail

Nobile, John              Titus Racer-X (26") FS

Perry, Brad                Siren Song 29er

Peterson, Kent          Monocog Flight 29er Singlespeed 32/18 Rigid

Preston, Dave (? info a bit disorg)          GT Zaskar Hardtail 29er

Prochaska, Mike          2009 GT Zaskar 29er

Richert, Derek               29er Gary Fisher superfly

Santacroce, Thomas         Gary Fisher Paragon, Hardtail, Susp. Fork

Senie, Nicolas          Home mounted Commençal Bike 26" with home made luggage compression Bag.

Sheppard, Shawn          Sette Razzo Hardtail 29er

Temple, Simon               Giant 29er

Tremblay, David          Van Dessel Ramble Tamble 29er Rigid Internal Geared 36/20

Triplow, Grant             Giant XTC 29'er Hardtail

Tsai, Patrick                2005 Giant NRS C2 full suspension 26 inch wheels


Erik Lobecks Bike is a Moots soft tail 29er

Erik Lobecks Bike is a Moots soft tail 29er


YEEHA PAT! We are cheering for you!

David Goldberg...

I didn't see Dave on the list, but he is riding a Surly Karate Monkey 29 with a suspension fork. Go Dave!

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