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Aidan Harding

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Aidan Harding - 2010 Tour Divide from Juicy Fruita on Vimeo.

MTBCast: Grant Crosby called in from Silverthorn

Grant Crosby called in from Silverthorn.

MTBCast: Shawn Sheppard called in from Silverthorn

Shawn Sheppard called in from Silverthorn. He’s waiting on his Spot to arrive.

MTBCast: Matthew Lee calls in from Cuba

Matthew Lee calls in from Cuba and reports on the re-route.

Forest Baker

New Mexico

The impact of the forest fires can clearly be seen on the route the riders will have to take, with Matthew Lee’s SPOT already past Abiquiu and apparently someway west of the normal TD route. I don’t know what the re-route holds in store for the racers, but I know they’re missing some stand-out country on the Polvadera Mesa. Like much of northern New Mexico, it’s pretty rough cycling and has a genuine sense of being in the back country, but it’s also very beautiful.

The route also looks like it will miss out the location of last year’s Rainbow Gathering, which was an unexpected highlight of the ride. Presumably it will rejoin the main route in Cuba (or maybe slightly earlier), after which New Mexico starts to resemble the image I had of it before I’d seen the mountains of the north – vast, flat or gently undulating sweeps of semi-desert with very little between the towns. It’s good ground to make ground, if you don’t mind the relentlessness and the headwinds aren’t too strong. That’s until the Gila, at least, which is probably still a day away, even for Matthew.

Further back, Erik and Blaine are on Brazos ridge, which is equally gruelling but if anything even more beautiful, so at least the riders have something to keep spirits up while the going is tough. The roughness of New Mexico came as something as a shock to me last year after the good going in Colorado – Boreas, Marshall and Indiana passes may get the headlines for being the highest of the route, but the trail surfaces are generally good and the gradients not too steep. The thunderstorms seem even more violent and regular in New Mexico too. Read more »

Eric Nelson - 2010 Tour Divide

MTBCast: Episode TD Day 15 GDR Day 8

MTBCast: Riders begin to hear the news of Dave’s passing as they call in. Erik Lobeck decides to slow up some in Del Norte. And Matthew Lee calls from El Rito and prepares for Abiquiu.

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MTBCast: Marshal Bird called in from Frisco

Marshal Bird calls in from Frisco.

MTBCast: Matthew Lee calls in from El Rito

Matthew Lee calls in from El Rito where Martin’s is closed.