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MTBCast: Shawn Sheppard called in from Butte

Shawn Sheppard called in from Butte.

MTBCast: Pete Faeth called in from Butte

Pete Faeth called in from Butte.

MTBCast: Forest Baker called in from Lima

Forest Baker called in from Lima to say rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

My own private Idaho

Sorry, this is the first of a couple of briefer posts while the daily grind disrupts my TD viewing more than I’d like. C’est la vie.

So, the first US state – Montana, which has the highest total mileage of all the states crossed (just ahead of New Mexico) – has now been completed by Matthew Lee. In the limited Tour Divide lore that has accumulated over the past few years, rule one for dreaming of making it to Antelope Wells appears to be to think no further, initially, than making it out of Montana.  Well done Matthew.

Race fan Todd Ison bumped into Matthew yesterday in the Centennial Valley east of Lima which, given there are about 100 people in the whole valley (well, not many anyway), is pretty remarkable. Or maybe he was looking for him. Anywhere, here’s what he had to say and, hopefully, I’ve managed to attach some photos he took too (I particularly like the use of plastic bags as overshoes - see attachments below). Thanks, Todd.


The attached photos were taken of Matthew Lee, the current leader of the Great Divide Tour, on Red Rock Road with the Centennial Mountains in the background looking west .  Matthew had just crossed the Continental Divide (Montana-Idaho border) directly behind him about 6 miles up the dirt road.  On the Tour Tacker website, the picture location is Point 531 at 3:16 pm on 6/17/10.  The weather was cold (about 40 degrees) and very windy. Enjoy the photos.
Todd Ison, a fan of the GDT" 

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MTBCast: Episode TD Day 7

MTBCast: French rider Nicolas Senie sends a recap back home in French. Erik Lobeck awaits parts in Lima before heading back to his previous spot. Phil Fogg pulls the plug. And the weather  wears down Matthew Lee and Cricket Butler.

The MP3 cast is here!
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MTBCast: Cricket Butler calls in from Butte

Cricket Butler calls in from Butte after battling the elements all day. She managed to get some work done on her bike and shoe.

MTBCast: Matthew Lee calls in from Big Springs

Matthew Lee calls in from Big Springs, Idaho. He’s been battling the snow.

MTBCast: Phillip Fogg is out

Phil Fogg calls in to say he’s pulling out.

MTBCast: Kent Peterson calls in from Helena

The Mountain Turtle, Kent Peterson, calls in from Helena.

MTBCast: Erik Lobeck calls again from Lima

Erik Lobeck calls in again from Lima where he’s waiting on parts but plans to go back to where he left the route and make a decision then.