Ode to Divide Riders

(Originally submitted as a blog comment by Diana Gleasner on July 3, 2008 - 6:21pm.)

For those who made it and those who didn’t. And especially for the guy at the back of the pack still out there somewhere working the pedals.

Tour Divide

Listen my friends and you shall hear
A lone mountain bike in the granny gear.
You started in Banff seventeen strong
But this is a tale of things that go wrong

Achilles tendons and drifts of snow,
Grizzlies, big cats, nightmares-to-go.
Miles to go before you sleep
And all those promises to keep.

With lagging spirits and constant grief,
Utter exhaustion with no relief,
Wet, hungry, legs like concrete
Can’t feel your toes, can’t feel your feet.

Lugging your stuff, not to mention your bike
On this Rocky Mountain obstacle hike.
Some say that it was just never clear
They would need the skills of a mountaineer.

Swarming mosquitoes and one sore butt,
Mud everywhere, your wheels in a rut.
You’ve climbed 200,000 feet
And endured the desert’s relentless heat.

Emotional ups, emotional downs
Mysterious maps, vanishing towns,
Swollen ankles, fever and chills
Slippery paths and a hundred spills

Awesome country these racers have seen -
Canada, Mexico and all parts between
from Banff in Alberta to Antelope Wells.
Each rider enduring their personal hells.

The prize isn’t money, nor is it glory
It’s just being part of an epic story.
It’s you, your bike and your winning smiles.
You made it through nearly 3,000 miles.

It’s meeting the challenges, seeing it through
Knowing the one who endured it was you.
Knowing you triumphed on this awesome ride -
Knowing you conquered the Tour Divide.

By Diana C. Gleasner
Copyright 2008


A Tour Divide Ride !

A beautiful way of summing up the Adventure of a lifetime . I for one do not know if I will ever be able to compete in this phenomenal race in a competitive capacity but I will always be involved in some way . Well thats only if they let me . I am humbled by the intent and embolden by the fact that i have been included at all . This is the heart of divide racing weather or not you are racing or exploring your inner demons .


This has to be the coolest race! It is now one of my goals to ride this top to bottom :)


A beautiful poetry! I really

A beautiful poetry! I really like it, it makes.. it creates a special mood. I'm inspired by it to finish my term paper at last!

Question to you all.

Please can I have everyone's email to interview for doing speaker appearances promoting cycling in my schools.

thanks everyone!

Congratulations to you ALL.

My time will be coming.

I'd love to talk to you.

Please Oh Please email me. k?

Very Sincerely
Crazy Larry

The guy who got you all to do the chant in front of the YWCA.
I will send you a copy of the film !!!

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