Jason calls in from El Rito!

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!



WOW! CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE IN NEW MEXICO ALREADY!!!! We are all so proud of you and can't wait to see your faces! Enjoy your last few days on the trail.........

It is so great to hear your

It is so great to hear your voice ~~ you sound so happy ~~ what an accomplishment!! Enjoy every moment as you head toward the end of the trail. Look forward to seeing you soon. Sending love and positive thoughts your way, U. Jim & AMA

You both are incredible....so

You both are incredible....so focused & upbeat....the last state, AMAZING!!! We always love to hear from you...thanks for the birthday wishes to Mila...Be safe, see you soon. Love Mom & Dad

Almost there...

Hey Jay,

Congrats on doing so well on this trip. We have been following you guys on the map and can't get over the amount of progress you make each day. Stay safe and have fun...I can only imagine what an experience it must be. Mila says hi and is hopes you are having fun on your bicycle. Hope to see you soon.


What a nice uncle you are!!!

you are so sweet to think of my little Mila on her birthday... you rock... we are so proud of you and I'm personally so amazed at your bravery and strength... I send you lots of good wishes for a great end of the race and a safe return home.

a hug. =)

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