MTBCast: Robin Borstmayer called in from Lincoln

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Robin Borstmayer called in from Lincoln.


Hang in there.... Some rest and ice

Hey Robin just a quick note of encouragement. Take a bit of time.... A day doesn't make a big difference in this big of an effort. You can do this.

See you Antelope Wells.

Double down on the Ibu, you always double down

I blame Chandler Weeks.

"Big wheels keep on turnin', proud mary keep on burnin', and we're rollin', rollin', rollin'"


Dont let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

Your Knee Can Get Better

Robin, take it from someone who had a knee problem last year; it can work itself out if you give it enough time and make adjustments for it.

It took mine several days to get better but it finally did.

Hang in there and enjoy the experience.

Hang in there

hey buddy

Take care out ther and hang in. You will make it the whole way. See you back in Rainy Alberta soon...beers on me!

Keep up the good work

Hey Robin not missing any riding here in Banff it just keeps raining so you might as well keep riding down there! Seriously though make a fast recovery and keep on rolling (by the way you are nuts!).

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